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Business Forms + Checklists

Took Me from Zero to Hero

All of Geralin's essential business forms are beautifully designed and cover everything. They have been an invaluable asset when developing an aligned business team and a profitable speaking platform. As a new organizer, her New Organizers' Essentials forms got me where I was going in a fraction of the time plus, I would never have thought of half the stuff she includes in these kits. She took me from zero-to-hero in a few short months!

Found the Missing Puzzle Piece

The New Organizers' Essentials kit has turned out to be the missing puzzle piece for me. Now I feel more confident and competent when talking to potential clients and I have the tools to convey the value I bring. Thank you, Geralin!

Karen Johnson, Professional Organizer

The New Organizers' Business Forms are Very Useful

Geralin, I purchased your New Organizers' Essentials business forms and I want to say THANKS for creating something so useful!

Olivera Anicic, Professional Organizer

Comprehensive Forms

Geralin’s New Organizers' Essentials forms make a difference for both new and established professional organizers. She's created comprehensive forms that condense a lot of vital information necessary for client evaluation and interaction, business administration and money management. These forms will help any professional organizer run their business more smoothly and efficiently.

Ellen R. Delap, CPO®

Takes the Guess Work Out of It

I would sometimes find myself wrapping up with a potential client and wonder, did I leave anything out? Geralin takes the guess work out of what to include in a client intake form which allows me to focus on the client. Thank you Geralin!!

Beth Zeigler, Professional Organizer

No Gimmicks!

TEAM GERALIN ALL THE WAY! While other coaches try to bully new organizers into signing up for expensive programs or buying unnecessary paraphernalia she’s busy getting shit done without pressuring anybody to buy anything. No gimmicks! The Public Speakers' Essentials kit is a game changer – a great investment.

Helped Me Earn $2,000.00

Unlike other organizing coaches her coaching session not teasers are. Every session is productive! Using her Team Management Essentials helped me get a job and earn $2,000 as a new organizer so needless to say, I think her sessions and her business forms are money well spent.

Exceedingly Helpful - Hiring Subcontractors

Geralin was exceedingly helpful to me when I considered hiring subcontractors for large organizing and decluttering projects. I had been approached by clients who wanted help on projects larger than I could handle one-on-one, but I didn't know how to go about finding team members, charging for them, or paying them. Geralin coached me through the issues of recruiting and communicating with subcontractors as well as pay structure, on-site management and many other details I hadn't even thought of. With Geralin's help, I've created a business model that's working very well for me, my clients, and my team members. I regularly recommend Geralin's coaching services to other organizers — she is knowledgeable, generous with information and asks the kinds of questions that help me figure out what will work best for my business.

Janine Adams, CPO®

Productive and Affordable

Of all the organizing coaches I’ve worked with, I find my sessions with Geralin to be the most productive and affordable. She reigns supreme when it comes to executing tactics. As far as I'm concerned, The Terms of the Trade should be mandatory for all new organizers.

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Coaching + Classes

She's Simply the Best!

I joined a few online organizing groups where batshit crazy "professional" organizers stalk new, inexperienced members. I was getting lots of pushy emails — very intimidating. After hearing Geralin on a podcast I noticed that she isn't in any of these cray-cray online groups. I booked my first coaching session with her and have been working exclusively with her since. She’s simply the best; the best coach in the business.”

Niche and Pivot

I first worked with Geralin when finding a niche and again, when pivoting my business. She cares about my success and, on more than one occasion, she has referred me to some of her trusted colleagues and they too have been excellent. She's great and so are her referrals.

Clients' Success

Geralin is neutral when it comes to a lot of trendy influencer crap, but she is very biased toward her clients’ success. She’s the absolute BEST at presenting both sides of awkward AF situations too. She’s consistently professional and has high standards. Highly recommend her career coaching!

A Business that is Fun to Run

Geralin helped me build a business that is fun to run! She has a great sense of humor, a sunny disposition, and a knack for applying just the right amount of pressure during coaching sessions.

She's Been a Lifesaver

Diving into the organizing profession without Geralin would be like jumping into a pool thinking you can out-swim a competitive swimmer! She’s been a lifesaver.

Stuck Without You

Geralin, you're so upbeat. My website is up. I've designed my stationery. Joined my local NAPO chapter. And, I'm scheduled to give a seminar. I'd still be stuck if it weren’t for you!

Lasar McCabe, Professional Organizer

Jumped Right Into My Questions

Geralin, I really appreciate your ability to jump right into the heart of my questions and help guide me as I figure out what my business is and will be. Your experience shows through so clearly in all the advice you've given me. I appreciate you helping me gain clarity about my own hopes and intentions for this venture. Great coaching!

Cathy Pietrow, Professional Organizer

Clear Direction and Invaluable Benefit

I scheduled a few private coaching sessions with Geralin and set a financial goal for my company that seemed way out there — like something we could get to in three years, maybe. If the planets aligned. Well, when I reconciled the books for the year, we met the goal thanks to the clear direction and invaluable benefit of Geralin's experience.

Nonnahs Driskill, Professional Organizer

Direct, Actionable Advice

I met Geralin through her NAPO classes; I love her teaching style and her real-life examples. As a coach, she helped me with everything I needed in the very beginning — a company name, logo, and website content. Geralin has a deep understanding of the organizing industry. She gives direct, actionable advice, and I always finish our calls feeling my money is well invested.

Helena Alkhas, Personal Organizer

My Organizing Business Doubled!

I first saw Geralin on Hoarders and I contacted her for coaching. Since then, Geralin has been an amazing influence in my business. My business doubled! She's an amazing leader and every time I meet with her I walk away with great information, assignments, and new goals. Her cheerfulness is rejuvenating and I look forward to every session.

Rachel Seavey, Professional Organizer

Marketing Genius

When I started my professional organizing business, Geralin was invaluable. She helped me with assessments, forms, contracts, marketing, speaking presentations, and specialty clients. Geralin is a marketing genius! She gave me countless ideas and helped me focus my time and resources. I always recommend Geralin to other organizers. She’s funny, sweet, encouraging and personable.

Autumn Leopold

Upbeat, Engaging, and Encouraging

It wasn’t until I was 61 years old that I decided to reinvent myself and become a professional organizer. A few months after I opened my organizing business, I set out to learn everything I could about the industry.

I took Geralin’s NAPO 104 class, Starting an Organizing Business. Geralin is upbeat, engaging and encouraging — even humorous. Early on, I struggled with confidence, especially about what to charge. Geralin has been my biggest cheerleader. She encouraged me to join my local NAPO chapter. Through my involvement, I’ve had opportunities to learn and grow that I never would have if I had stayed in my comfort zone.

Geralin is passionate about helping others develop their potential. She’s a joy to learn from and always makes you feel valued, capable, and cared about.

Susan E. Terkanian

Great Suggestions

Geralin is a very positive, high-energy person with a good head for business. She gave me great suggestions on how to grow my business and promote my company. After working with her, I feel more confident to take on challenges that were previously out of my comfort zone.

Marsha Stayer, Professional Organizer

The Next Steps

I hired Geralin to help me focus and fine-tune the next steps in my organizing business. She shared her knowledge and experiences to help guide me. The end product showed my personality while remaining professional.

Stefanie Watkins, Professional Organizer

The Perfect Balance

As a professional organizer, I am always looking for ways to connect with other organizers to expand my breadth of knowledge and experience. Some might say our profession is isolating. I had to look no further than Geralin. Her professionalism, leadership, expertise, and humor hooked me from the first time we met. Her knack for striking the perfect balance with her hoarding clients is remarkable. She is a wealth of knowledge and more importantly, will take all the time in the world to share it with those that simply ask. I could not ask for a better colleague, mentor, and friend.

Leslie Josel, Professional Organizer

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Branding + Marketing

Branding Workshop Worth Every Penny

If you have the privilege of attending Geralin's workshop or webinar, "Creating Your Own Buzz: Branding + Marketing for Productivity + Organizing Consultants," do it! This workshop is worth every penny! Geralin presents five main topics – branding, marketing, sales, advertising, and public relations with ease, grace, and confidence. Many times, when attending similar workshops, I came away feeling overwhelmed and even discouraged with the amount of work to be done. This experience was the complete opposite! Geralin inspired the feeling of confidence so I can move forward and make the necessary changes for financial success and longevity.

Lisa Witzleben, Professional Organizer

Best and Most Informative Branding Session I’ve Ever Attended

I have had the privilege of hearing Geralin Thomas speak on several occasions, most recently at the NAPO 2019 conference in her session, "Creating Your Own Buzz: Branding + Marketing for Productivity and Organizing Consultants." As an experienced small business owner, I have heard many branding and marketing presentations, read numerous books, and listened to podcasts, all designed to help me learn about how best to market my business. Geralin’s presentation was by far one of the best and most informative I’ve ever attended. I walked away with a plethora of useful and immediately applicable information to help me achieve my goal. In particular, her discussion of paid advertising versus free PR was most enlightening. I also appreciated the information about logos, colors, website design, and the importance of consistent branding throughout all of my marketing materials.

Geralin’s expertise is evident when she speaks, but what is even more engaging is her ability to connect with every person in the room. Her humor and down-to-earth persona made the session particularly enjoyable and the time literally flew by! My investment in this workshop has already paid off and I will continue to reap the benefits for months to come.

Lisa S. Griffith, CPO®

Branding? Set Your Business Up for Success!

I loved taking Geralin's class! There were so many tidbits that I learned and can't wait to dive deeper into the material. This [Branding + Marketing] class is something that would be an absolute "must" for any newcomer who is looking to get an in-depth look into what the industry is like and how to really set up your business for success from the start. I loved that Geralin talked about relating to clients and using creative ways to ask for what you want.

Amy Vance, Professional Organizer

Great Insights on Branding + Marketing

Geralin’s Session "Creating You Own Buzz” is a wise move for business owners. Her style is amiable and bubbly. She inspired me to wake-up and finalize many small details I had been neglecting. Now I am implementing the Branding + Marketing strategies to level-up my business. Anyone who wants great insights on building a business using Branding + Marketing should look into Geralin’s class.

Nacho Eguiarte, CPO®

Branding: Wow, Wow, and Wow!

From her introduction to her final closing thoughts, she was inspiring, humorous, very knowledgeable, and down-to-earth; easy to connect with. My company has been in business for over 10 years, but Geralin has made me re-think some very important basics. I returned home BUZZING with so many ideas and I can't wait to implement them.

Kirsten Ranger, Professional Organizer

Branding Conference Session: Honest, Open, and Inspiring

What I loved about your [branding conference] session... soaking up your knowledge, your honest and open sharing of professional experiences, and sharing the experience with like-minded organizers who made the commitment to learn and share. You truly have been an inspiration to me since I took your class over four years ago!

Eileen Bergman, Professional Organizer

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Read What Closet + Wardrobe Clients Are Saying

Very Useable Format

Geralin, a million thanks for this information! I am so impressed by the Beyond the Basics Wardrobe Wisdom kit — you've really packed a lot of information into a very useable format. And of course, the wardrobe worksheets are now my constant companions. When I pack for trips, I just pull out my worksheets to see what I have that is the right weight, what is the right level of dress, and what I might pack for 5 days that would minimize the number of different colors of shoes I require. Your forms made it so much easier! Plus, I no longer wear just a small percentage of my clothes — now I enjoy them all.

Margaret Lukens, MBA, CPO

My Favorite Resource

Geralin, I love your advice about creating a closet of classics that can be worn for years; it's the real reason I bought the Wardrobe Wisdom booklet. I was in the audience and loved what you were wearing — very classy and stylish. The booklet has become my favorite resource when shopping and decluttering my closets (yes, I said closets with an 's').

Leslie Burns, New York

Like Having a Fairy Godmother

These Wardrobe Wisdom tips came in so handy as I was cleaning my closet for fall. Having a list nearby for reminders is like having a fairy godmother reminding me of what is important... as well as what has seen better days!

Kim Gordon
Pop Cosmo.com

Saved Me a Lot of Money

I dreaded taking my measurements because I was never sure how to do it properly but, thanks to the Wardrobe Wisdom book's diagrams and instructions, it's not as difficult as I thought. Knowing my measurements has saved me a lot of money shopping online and ordering garments the first time. Also, knowing my body type has helped me declutter my closet of garments that weren't flattering.

Lourdes Martinez, California

Really, truly helpful

Yikes! The Wardrobe Wisdom kit is my lifesaver as I have a bookshelf filled with lots of fashion and style books but none of them are as clearly written and useful as Geralin's Wardrobe Wisdom booklet. It's (of course!) well organized and really, truly helpful. Geralin I love how you are helping middle-aged women everywhere look and feel put together.

Cathy Sanchez, Texas

Timeless Recommendations

It's the grown-up girl's go-to-guide to building a smart and stylish wardrobe. The Wardrobe Wisdom kit's simple equations and useful, timeless recommendations make dressing like a wise woman easy and fun. Thanks Geralin for the secrets of how to build a stylish wardrobe fit just right for me!"

Therese Feeman, Florida
Fresh Idea Studio

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About Speaking + Media Appearances

Engages the Audience

We asked Geralin to do a few programs for our Summer Break program at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.

Geralin's programs were all completely full with waiting lists at the four libraries where she did programs. She is a fantastic speaker and really engages the audience throughout her program.

She encourages questions, comments, and audience feedback and is very entertaining while also giving great tips for organizing.

I had multiple people at each program tell me how much they enjoyed her program and thanked the library for inviting Geralin to come speak. I was also personally inspired to clean out my closet and get rid of a bunch of clothes that I had been hanging onto for almost 5 years (hoping to fit back into them)!

I was very impressed with Geralin and would highly recommend her as a speaker and would love to have her come back to the library and do future programs as well.

Jessica Brewer

Absolute Pleasure

Geralin is an absolute pleasure to work with and the consummate professional. She is enthusiastic, friendly, fun, warm and engaging with everyone who approaches her. She is a draw for the consumers that we hope to bring to our home and garden shows. As a matter of fact, she is exactly what our exhibitors are looking for. Everyone participating in her seminars walks away with usable, applicable tools for life's journey.

Bryce Marie Johnson, Executive VP of Marketing
Home Builders Association of Fargo-Moorhead

Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

Absolutely incredible! Geralin, we cannot thank you enough for being part of Speaking of Women’s Health. Your presentation about de-cluttering inspired and motivated our attendees beyond our wildest dreams. We would be honored to have you speak again. You are the best!

Event Director, Speaking of Women’s Health
Speaking of Women’s Health, Raleigh, NC

Innate Compassion

Wake for Consciousness: Sacred Realms and The Conscious Healing Initiative was honored to host Geralin Thomas as she spoke about chronic disorganization and the mental health challenges related to this condition. Her insight and deep understanding of her subject, combined with her innate compassion, is empowering and inspiring.

Joy Ayscue, Co-founder Wake for Consciousness: Sacred Realms
The Conscious Healing Initiative


Geralin is an outstanding speaker, time management coach, and spokesperson.

Scott Roewer, Professional Organizer
Solutions by Scott, Washington DC

Entertaining and Fun

Geralin gave the most motivating lecture on the importance of organization in our lives. She touched on what the hidden agenda behind our clutter might be and why organization is not only important but essential in reducing the stress in our lives. I felt as if Geralin had known me my whole life. Geralin gave suggestions for overall home organization, including paperwork, kitchen pantries, as well as bedroom closets. I walked away with easy strategies to implement and I saw results immediately! The best part is that Geralin’s organizing lectures are entertaining and fun!

Robin Linton
(Parent) St. David’s School, Raleigh, NC

Very Enlightening!

I found Geralin’s presentation to be very enlightening!

Although I consider myself to be very organized, Geralin presented many ideas and solutions that can improve my current systems, which will lead to saving time and energy down the road.

Whitney von Haam
Attended seminar at Little River Inn, Pinehurst, NC


From the moment that I met Geralin, for an on-camera test, I knew that she had 'it' as we say in the industry.

She is not only a wealth of 'how-to-live-your best' knowledge in the organizational world, but it's the way in which she relates to people that makes her magical.

Her smile and demeanor softens some very tough subject matter, as she taught us that how you live is often indicative of some larger personal issues.

Geralin is one part-therapist, one-part best friend and two parts cheerleader – to every person that crosses her path – and that always resonated with me both on and off camera.

Geralin is undoubtedly fantastic at every endeavor she takes on, and leaves nothing but personal change and growth for others in her wake.

Brenna Eckerson, Director of Development for Unscripted Programming
Sundance Channel

Great Partner

Geralin Thomas has been a great partner to work with for promoting our product.

In addition to national television exposure on the Nate Berkus show, she has also facilitated successful product giveaways that have generated interest in our products as well as educate consumers about how our products can help improve lives.

Jan Rogers, Inventor
Time Timer, LLC

Ultra Talented Professional

Give Geralin a challenge and she makes it work — gracefully, intelligently and with a functional efficiency that makes sense.

She has a spark and a sense of fun that always makes any type of "work" a worthwhile experience.

She is an ultra-talented professional and teaches all of us, including the newbies in her trade, how to organize with grace, skill and efficiency. She knows how to tackle the challenges and obstacles and make it work in all the right ways.

Sarah Weissinger Director of Product Development & Technology Category Initiatives, Office Depot
Office Depot

Highly Responsive

We love working with Geralin!

Geralin is a consummate professional when it comes to providing insight and expertise on organizing and the organization industry.

She is highly responsive to the scheduling demands for our video and podcast project. She knows her stuff and delivers it in a sweet, authentic, and very warm way.

Gold Standard

Geralin Thomas has worked with Quo Vadis for several years on planner contests and raffles. These events are always professionally handled drawing a lot of interest by followers.

I consider Geralin Thomas to be the “gold standard” of all time management, organization, and personal productivity gurus. We are both honored and delighted to have her associated with our brand.

Karen Doherty, VP, Marketing - Quo Vadis
Exaclair, Inc.

Highest Degree of Professionalism and Compassion

Geralin always approached every job with the highest degree of professionalism and compassion.

As one of our early experts chosen to work on the Hoarders television series for A&E, I had the opportunity to work closely with Geralin Thomas during production of this award-winning series.

For a professional organizer, there could be no cases more challenging or demanding than those featured on this television series. Despite the extreme conditions and crisis situations being faced by those we helped, Geralin always approached every job with the highest degree of professionalism and compassion.

And in the end, managed to turn a nightmare situation into a brand new beginning for the families who she worked with.

George Butts, Executive Producer

Nothing Short of Amazing

Geralin has been nothing short of amazing for us at Fine Living.

Our entire staff, in about 10 seconds, was convince that she was perfect for her role on our series. The production company that brought her to our attention repeatedly told us how great she was to work with.

Whatever her next ambitions are, television or not, you just know people as likeable and professional as Geralin will be nothing short of successful.

Kent Takano, VP Programming
Fine Living Network

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