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There are so many books about organizing and a plethora of experts who specialize in organizing. That means that the “simple” task of creating an ultimate reading list for professional organizers is not so simple. As a matter of fact, it’s a bit overwhelming. Trying to acquire an organizing education and pursue professional organizer training might require amassing your own library. To guide you, I have curated a collection – a recommended book list of organizing and related topics that I have read, enjoyed, and kept on my shelves. I consider these to be the perfect introductory education for any new professional organizer or someone just dabbling in the field of organizing.

These books contain basic principles, research, case studies, personal stories, inspirational eye candy, and other foundational information to help you build a robust business and better serve your clients. I listed the books by subject, and they cover not only the organizing essentials but related topics that will ultimately enhance your services. You’ll likely encounter a few out-of-print titles, so search online discount bookstores if you don’t mind purchasing a used copy. Your local library might have copies of older titles on this recommended book list.

I included some of the most prolific, best-known authors in the organizing industry because their tomes are classics! Anything you read by one of these authors will be worth your time and attention and, I encourage you to consider these titles as starting points from which you can continue your exploration. Make sure to read books outside of your specialty to develop a well-rounded and diverse knowledge base.

Organizing and Decluttering Books for Professional Organizers

Productivity and Time Management Books for Professional Organizers

Hoarding and Chronic Disorganization Resources for Professional Organizers

Resources for Managing a Professional Organizing Business

Resources to Launch + Grow Your Professional Organizing Business from Geralin Thomas

Other Recommended Reading, Resources, and Ideas for Professional Organizers

Learning new – and better – ways to market your business and serve your clients can come from reading books outside the organizing industry. Consider reading books on the following topics:

Read books about your favorite hobbies, sports, and interests; you might find a niche or specialty that would help marketing. Think about how you could distinguish yourself from colleagues who are generalists. There are no limits when it comes to growing your business. Even with my recommended book list, it’s challenging to know where to start or which direction to go. I’d be happy to help you in your journey. Book an Ask Me Anything coaching call and let’s build the organizing business of your dreams.

P.S. Are you the kind of person who enjoys talking about the books you’ve read? If so, consider joining NAPO’s Book Club. As a NAPO member, you’ll have the chance to discuss selected books on subjects relevant to the professional organizing and productivity industry as well as general business topics.

This article was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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