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Your website might be visually appealing and functional, but if it isn’t promoting your professional organizing business online by driving revenue to your company, it is not serving its purpose. Certain key marketing and promotional elements make a website successful. These include unique customer benefits, case studies, calls-to-action (CTAs), landing pages, and media kits.

Unique Customer Benefits

Visitors come to your website looking for a solution to their problems. They don’t care about your company’s history, the technical features of your organizing tools, or your pre-organizer résumé. What they want to know is if you will be able to help them. Clearly state on your website what your company does and how your services benefit your customers. Articulate the unique value that you provide. Show how your company stands out from others in your industry. For example, you might be the least expensive, provide the best quality product or service. Or maybe you are the only business in town specializing in a particular type of organizing, etc. The more your business can stand out from the crowd by ‘owning’ a particular niche market — providing unique benefits to customers — the better.

Case Studies

When promoting your professional organizing business online, remember that people love stories. We have all heard the old saying, “stories sell.” A story taps into our core emotions as human beings. It doesn’t matter whether it is referred to as a case study or a customer testimonial or communicated via text or video. Over the centuries, there has been no stronger marketing tool than “word-of-mouth” communication or storytelling.

Craft your own story as an expert who inspires, educates, or challenges others. Include specifics of your journey. You might explain how you felt when you started and what struggles you were facing. Perhaps you could share what event or insight made overcoming your challenges easier, who you have become as a result, and how you apply what you’ve learned to your business, etc. As an alternative, recount a client’s success story (with their permission, of course). Or, better yet, have them record a video clip testimonial for use on your website.

Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

A call-to-action (CTA) is a prompt to the visitor used to provoke an immediate response. These usually use action phrases such as “call now,” “learn more,” “download my free e-book now,” etc. A CTA is usually a button, banner, or some other type of linked graphic on a website. A landing page drives visitors to become leads by filling out a form. The CTA links the regular content on your website that the visitor is interested in and a page containing a more specific, high-value offer (the landing page). Alternatively, a CTA can also be used to drive immediate sales, such as a book you have for sale on Amazon (“Buy now on Amazon”). You can use CTAs for lead generation, sharing content via social media, promoting events, capturing email addresses for a newsletter, etc.

Landing Pages

Simply put, a landing page is a type of web page that is used for a very specific purpose — to focus the visitor solely on the intended action. It appears when a user clicks on a search result, online advertisement, or a CTA button within the same website. But, it does not look like the website’s other pages and typically lacks navigation, sidebars, and footers. It usually displays related sales messaging and branding. The primary goal of a landing page is to convert website visitors into leads or sales by having them either complete a form on the page or click through to a shopping cart or checkout area.

Media Kits

In online marketing, a media kit is a resource created to help prospective ad buyers evaluate advertising opportunities on a website or blog. It is a simple way of presenting a website or blog’s statistics to potential advertisers. Media kits often contain information about audience profiles, case studies, contact information, ad sizes and formats. If you are looking to drive additional revenue from your website through direct advertisements, you will need one. The thought of ads popping up on your website might seem like a quick way to turn off customers. But, you can actually provide additional value to your visitors by selecting partners who offer beneficial, relevant products and services. Although I am not currently doing online advertising, I was thrilled to learn that my media kit was recently recognized: 15 Best Media Kit Examples for Inspiration.

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