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In the first post of Email Template Examples for Professional Organizers, I wrote about how valuable email templates can save you time and effort while presenting your business in the most professional way. Then we reviewed some of the most commonly used email response templates needed by professional organizers, and I walked you through how and why to create your own templates. Finally, I gave you template examples for responding to a prospect who lives outside your service area and notifying clients of an upcoming rate increase.

There are other occasions when templates can be a life-saver, letting you respond quickly and efficiently. I hope this post series gives you the motivation and inspiration needed to create your own winning email template portfolio.

In today’s post, I’ll give you some of my best template examples to use for these purposes:

  • “Please Write a Review or Testimonial”: To request a Google review, LinkedIn endorsement, or a mention on, for example.
  • “Let’s Work Together Again Soon”: To make contact with a client who hasn’t called in a while.

Template 3: “Please Write a Review or Testimonial”

Reason for writing: You’d like to request a testimonial or review from a client who has gotten great results from working with you.

Your template response will touch these points:

  • Thank them for being your client in the past
  • State your request and explain why it matters to you
  • Give accurate instructions on how to post the review online
  • Include any specific requests, such as how to refer to your business
  • Recognize that their time is valuable and express appreciation again

Why do this: Good reviews from your ideal clients will help more clients find you. But many people have a hard time facing a blank page, not knowing what to say, so make it as easy for them as possible to sing your praises by giving them examples to consider or questions to answer.

Your sample template:

Dear [client name],

As a small business owner, I take great pride in my business, Metropolitan Organizing (MO). Gathering feedback from clients continues to be one of the most valuable tools for growth. Client reviews are valuable because I learn what my team is doing well. Reviews also provide ideas for improving client service and business practices.

In addition, online reviews are one of the most important marketing tools available for entrepreneurs like me.  When potential clients read online reviews about the MO team bringing peace, order, and efficiency to their lives, it assists them in their decision-making process.

I’m hoping you’ll take a few minutes to write a Google review for Metropolitan Organizing. Please write your review using only the business name, “Metropolitan Organizing” and not the names of individual organizers.

Below are instructions on how to write a Google review; you’ll need to create a Google account first if you don’t have one.

  • Go to and search “Metropolitan Organizing of Cary, Reviews”
  • Click on “GOOGLE REVIEWS”
  • Use the link located on the right side of the page, click on “WRITE A REVIEW.”
  • Sign in using your Google account or click, “Sign up for an Account.”
  • Located in the right corner (if signing up for an account, have your mobile phone within reach. A verification code will be texted to your phone.)
  • Create an account + write a review and click “Publish.”

I appreciate your taking the time to read this message and to consider posting a review of Metropolitan Organizing on Google Reviews.

And further:

Make it easy for your clients to share their good experiences of working with you by giving them detailed instructions. And don’t forget to say “thanks” when someone does you the favor of posting a complimentary review.

Template 4: “Let’s Work Together Again Soon”

Reason for writing: You probably know that your best source of new business is often past clients. So consider shaking the trees to collect some of this low-hanging fruit!

Your template response will touch these points:

  • Thank them for being your client in the past
  • Remind them of any fun discoveries or big wins they got from past work with you
  • Suggest another project, perhaps a seasonal one
  • Optional: Tell them the cost
  • Invite them to call

Your sample template:

Dear [client name],

[Say something about past work or ask about something that matters to them.]

I’m reaching out to all my favorite clients  – and that certainly includes you! –  to remind you that hurricane season is coming, and that means it’s time to organize your storm preparations. Would you like some help with that?

In about three hours, we will:

  • Inventory your emergency supplies
  • Make a shopping list of any supplies you need to replenish
  • Update your list of account numbers and critical financial information
  • Update your list of prescriptions and medical information
  • Make a video inventory of the main rooms of your home in case you need to make an insurance claim

I’ll also leave you with a checklist of tips and reminders to keep with your emergency kit. The cost for this three-hour session is $XXX.

Don’t wait until they name that hurricane! Call me right away at XXX-XXX-XXXX to schedule your preparation day, and enjoy having peace of mind.


Ms. Organizer

There are many reasons to reach out to past clients, such as back to school, holiday preparation, tax time, and more.

If you’d like additional guidance in crafting your own time-saving templates or help with template examples or other aspects of creating your professional organizing business, schedule a coaching call.

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