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In my first post in this series, I wrote about how valuable an email template can be for saving you time and effort while presenting your business in the most professional way.

Create Your Own Email Templates

When writing templates for your own professional organizing business, the first step is to consider which topics you want to address and the points you’d like to make. Then, review some of the email messages you’ve written in the past on the same subject, making sure to fine-tune the paragraphs so they are courteous and helpful. Remember that your goal is to provide value to the customer while always casting you and your business in the best light.

Templates can be a life-saver, letting you respond quickly and efficiently. If you’d like additional guidance in crafting your own time-saving templates or help with other aspects of creating your professional organizing business, schedule a coaching call.

Some of the most commonly used email templates for a professional organizer may include:

  • “Dear Citizen of Timbuktu”: For responding to someone who lives outside your service area
  • “I’m Raising My Rates”: To let clients know what’s coming
  • “Please Write a Review or Testimonial”: To request a Google review, LinkedIn endorsement, or a mention on, for example
  • “Let’s Work Together Again Soon”: To make contact with a client who hasn’t called in a while

Let’s walk through the process step-by-step so you can think about how to create your own content. I’ll also provide some of my best examples to use as inspiration for developing your own winning template portfolio.

Template 1: “Dear Citizen of Timbuktu”

Arriving email: Someone from outside your service area writes requesting a phone meeting, your rates, or your availability. (Note: a similar template works for someone who asks for a service that you don’t provide – for example, working with hoarding situations, digital organizing, relocation, or whatever service you DON’T offer – even if they are in your service area.)

Your template response should touch these points:

  • Thank them for contacting you
  • Explain that you do not serve the area they are in
  • Optional: Help them find the right professional to work with them
  • Thank them for thinking of you and ask for appropriate business
  • Invite them to stay in touch on social media
  • Optional: Invite them to contact you again if they need more help

Why do this: Professionals do not leave a client hanging. Remember that it took that person some effort and maybe even courage to contact you! Within reason, help them find the resources they need. You are not responsible for making sure they hire someone – that would be asking too much of you – but if you can steer them toward the right organizer for them, you’re helping two people. But note that you want to avoid telling someone to hire a specific person because you never know whether that match will work out well, and there’s no reason to insert yourself in the middle of that relationship.

Your sample template:

Dear Citizen of Timbuktu,

Thank you for contacting me to help with your organizing project. Unfortunately, your home is outside my service area. However, may I suggest that you contact the following two people, who I know personally. Both are experienced organizers. Perhaps one of them is available in the time frame you need. I suggest you look at their websites, then speak to them and decide whether they are a good match for the work you want to do right now:

  • Colleague 1: website
  • Colleague 2: website

I am honored that you thought of me for your organizing needs – thank you! If you have any friends in the XXX area where I work, please send them my way!

And I’d love to stay in touch on social media, where I provide tips and inspiration. Connect with me on Facebook (Geralin Thomas), Pinterest (Geralin Thomas: Career Coaching for Professional Organizers), and Instagram (geralin.thomas).


Geralin Thomas

And further:

If you don’t know anyone in their area, delete the sentences that refer to specific colleagues. Alternatively, you may want to send them to a professional association where they can do a geographic search for an organizer in their area. This way, you’ll have at least responded in a timely way, allowing them to look elsewhere.

Template 2: “I’m Raising My Rates”

Reason for writing: As a professional, you are responsible for setting your own rates. From time to time, because of your rising skill level and changes in the costs of running a business, you may need or want to raise your rates.

Your template response should touch these points:

  • Thank them for being your client in the past
  • Tell them that you are raising your rates and to what amount
  • Tell them the effective date
  • Remind them of some of the ways you add value
  • Optional: Offer them their current rate for all business scheduled by or completed by some date from about one to three months beyond the effective date
  • Invite them to discuss questions or concerns with you

Why do this: It is good business practice (and an essential ethical practice) to communicate your rates clearly to your clients. Good clients understand that your prices will go up from time to time. Many will appreciate the chance to get a bargain by booking appointments before the rate change takes effect.

Your sample template:

Dear [client name],

Because you are my valued client, I wanted to share a change that’s coming to [name of your business]. Effective [date], our rate for a half-day organizing session will increase to $XXX, and a full-day session will increase to $XXX. As always, we will continue to supply [whatever supplies you provide], and we never charge extra for travel time within our service area.

As a thank-you, we would like to extend a special offer. Any sessions you book before [the effective date] for organizing work to be completed by [the effective date plus one month] will be charged at our current rate, giving you a grace period before the new rate takes effect. So if you have an organizing project you’d like to begin, don’t delay. Book now to take advantage of this discount period just for you!

If you have any questions about this rate change or about any services we offer, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you!


Ms. Organizer

And further:

You do not need to “justify” your rate increase by reminding clients of your costs. Just state the change matter-of-factly, and most clients will understand. And always keep your pricing simple; you don’t want to confuse clients with a complicated rate structure.

In my next and final post in this series, I’ll walk through the remaining examples of my best templates. My goal is to give you the help and inspiration needed for developing your own winning template portfolio.

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