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professional organizers charge

There are several factors that go into what professional organizers charge for their home organizing services, there is not one simple answer.

Professional organizing rates vary depending on:

  • an organizer’s experience
  • any specialized training the organizer has undertaken
  • the location of the work
  • the specific services the organizer provides and what is included in the cost

It stands to reason that an organizer with years of experience may charge more than someone who is just starting in business. The rationale is that the more experienced organizer will work faster and bring more expertise to bear on the project. Likewise, if someone has put in the time and expense to complete specialized training, that skill will command a premium over a less-trained organizer.

Organizing needs that may require special training and experience include:

  • clients with ADD and ADHD
  • closet and wardrobe organizing
  • clients with traumatic brain injury or other difficulties with information processing
  • chronically disorganized clients and people with hoarding tendencies
  • seniors or teens
  • interior design or Feng Shui
  • organizing for moves
  • photo organizing

Is there a set rate for the area where I live?

Most organizing businesses are very small businesses, typically just the owner and perhaps a small team of assistant organizers. And each business owner sets her or his own pricing. In fact, because of anti-trust laws that forbid any business from acting to fix prices, organizers cannot coordinate to maintain a certain price level in their area. (If you’d like delve deeper into what anti-trust laws mean for you, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website.)

Do all organizers charge by the hour?

Some professional organizers charge by the hour, while others offer a package of hours, often at a discounted rate. A few will give their clients a fixed price for a defined outcome, regardless of the hours involved, for example, a complete paper file makeover for a set price. Because of this variety of ways of charging, it can be difficult to create an exact apples-to-apples comparison between one business and another. One organizer may charge for mileage or travel while another includes it in their service. Nearly all organizers help their clients set aside items to donate that they no longer need or want, but some organizers will take those donations away at no extra cost. These are a few of the factors that create variations in pricing from one organizer to another.

Can you give me some examples of what professional organizers charge?

Some organizers post their rates on their websites. Here’s a coast-to-coast overview of what some reputable organizers advertise as their fees. Since organizers offer many different options, space doesn’t allow me to detail each complete pricing structure. You can see the more detailed pricing structures by using the links to each company.

New England, New York, and New Jersey

At Live Well Organized Spaces in Providence, Rhode Island, the rate for all organizing services is $70 per hour. An initial consultation is free.

In New Jersey and New York, Gayle Gruenberg’s firm, Let’s Get Organized, LLC, charges $255 for a three-hour session with a team member, or $500 for a half-day with Gayle herself. Gayle also offers telephone coaching for $125 for a 50-minute session. Because Gayle, a former CPA, specializes in helping clients with paper overload, she also offers a concierge shredding service beginning at $29 for one box or bag.

New York City apartment dwellers can call on Sharon Loewenheim at Organizing Goddess Inc. for help with smaller spaces. Organizing Goddess works with clients in three-hour sessions. Their “First Class Package” includes nine hours on site divided into three sessions for a cost of $950. The package also includes a personalized action plan, resource recommendations, and email support between sessions. Individual three-hour sessions are available for $350.

Mid-Atlantic States, Southeast States, and Florida

D. Allison Lee provides individualized coaching focused on productivity, including using technology to improve home and office functioning. Her small-office, home-office services begin at $249 for a one-hour call that comes with a recording of the call. While she is based in the Washington, DC-area, her services are available by phone all over the United States.

At Worthy Spaces, in Boca Raton, owner Michelle Worthington serves clients throughout South Florida. The company offers organizing sessions up to four hours for $300. Packages are available for discounted rates, up to nine sessions for $2,160. Shopping services purchased in conjunction with organizing are $30 per hour.

Whether it’s your digital files or your paper files that need help, Samantha Pointer’s company Get It Together, located in Nashville, Tennessee, offers a home office organizing package of four hours for $500, and a technology organizing session of up to four hours for $475.


In Chicago, at a company with the tongue-twisting name of She Sorts, Ericka Samuels specializes in helping clients get control of their paper. A 90-minute “Short Sort,” which includes a written plan and a follow-up phone call, costs $179. Larger packages are available at a discounted rate up to 21 hours for $1,249, allowing for seven three-hour sessions.

Leslie Gail, owner of Declare Order in Winfield, Illinois, offers an on-site needs assessment survey for $80, which includes follow-up email and phone support for one month. Charges for hands-on organizing begin at $75 per hour for the first 10 hours, with discounted packages for blocks of time greater than 10 hours.

In Central Illinois, Organize My Clutter owner Becky Rogers charges $60 per hour with an array of package prices that can lower the per-hour rate by five to ten percent. The company also offers a special paper-organizing program for $65 per hour.

St. Louis-based Peace of Mind Organizing charges $90 per hour with a three-hour minimum for one of the team members; time with owner Janine Adams herself costs $125 per hour.

Western States

Clients of Austin, Texas-based Jennifer Lava pay $390 for six hours or $70 an hour for individual hours.

Rachel Winter founded Happy Home Organizers, LLC to serve clients in and around Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. Her company charges $75 per hour with a five-hour minimum. Additional organizers can work as a team for $55 per hour for each additional member of the crew.

In the San Francisco area, Christine Hsu offers home organizing and office organizing services for $375 for a three-hour session or a package of three sessions for $999. Research and shopping services are available for $100 per hour. For the client who wants guidance in planning a project but doesn’t choose to have hands-on help throughout the process, a two-hour in-home consultation is available for $299, with a detailed written action plan to follow within three days.

HandyGirl Organizers, serving clients in Los Angeles County, offers a package of 10 hours for $700, with greater discounts for larger packages. HandyGirl was founded in 1994, making it one of the oldest organizing businesses in the Los Angeles area.

Also in the L.A.-area as well as Long Beach and surrounding towns, Get Organized Already! Inc. charges $90 per hour for one organizer, $130 for a two-person team, and $170 per hour for a three-person team. Prices include the removal of all unwanted items, which can save clients substantial time and money.

In Seattle and Redmond, Washington, the services of Simplify Experts begin at $120 per hour for owner Denise Allan and $70 to $100 per hour for other team members. Purchases of packages of hours receive a discount, up to ten percent off a purchase of 24 hours.

What about Metropolitan Organizing? Can I hire you?

Yes! Metropolitan Organizing® serves residents of the Raleigh, North Carolina metropolitan area, offering home organizing, office organizing, time management, and paper and filing services. We price our services by the amount of time and the number of organizers required, so your project is finished as quickly and economically as possible.

We charge $90 per hour for one Metropolitan Organizer team member. Travel up to 45 minutes from Cary, North Carolina, is included in our pricing. You can read about our other options and policies here, on our How We Work page.

And if you’re a professional organizer who is looking for help to design a pricing strategy that will assure that you can reach your business goals and build a sustainable organizing business, call me for new organizer coaching.

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