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PR Tips on How to Get Noticed

Today, I’m interviewing publicity expert Joan Stewart (Wisconsin)  This is one in a series of  interviews with media and publicity experts.

how to get noticed Geralin Thomas
Tips for Getting Noticed by the Media 
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Geralin:  I’ve seen enough people on TV and in print to know, there must be some magic formula for getting noticed by the media. What is it?  How can people with shoestring budgets [trying to self-promote] get noticed?

Joan Stewart (JS) :  The #1 most important thing you must do is make the media’s job easy. You can do that by understanding completely who reads their publication or watches their show, then pitch a story that’s a perfect fit. Go to their website first to look around and see what they cover. There might also be a form where you can submit your story idea.

TV wants people, color and motion. It does not want a “talking head.”

The more unusual or controversial your story, the better. I recommend this excellent free 90-minute webinar from Daniel Hall on how to get onto local TV. You will also learn how to write a pitch: http://www.realfasttvpr.com/joan/. They are selling a training program, but even if you buy nothing from them, you’ll come away with fabulous ideas you can use for getting onto TV.
In order to get quoted in a magazine, you must first read the magazine and understand its audience and the topics the magazine covers. Never pitch a magazine without first holding it in your hands and flipping through it to get a good idea of what they cover—the issues, the topics, departments and features where your story might be a good fit. NEVER send a one-size-fits-all pitch to more than one magazine. You can read more about this topic at my blog  at http://publicityhound.net/want-publicity-in-magazines-research-then-pitch/ and at http://publicityhound.net/pitching-magazines-tips-for-a-compelling-subject-line/

I highly recommend that anyone who wants more tips like these subscribe to my free ezine, The Publicity Hound’s Tips of the Week. It’s published twice a week and includes a wide variety of publicity and social media tips that will help you self-promte. Subscribe from the box that greets you at http://www.PublicityHound.com.

 Geralin:  Can you tell us what a, “hook” is and why we need more than one?

JS: A hook is the same as a clever idea. It’s something very specific that you pitch to media or bloggers.  If you’re pitching one story to, say, several magazines, it helps if you pitch a different “hook” or angle of the story to different magazines. That way, if three of them want to cover you, they don’t all end up with identical stories.


Geralin:  You have several coaching programs available for people who want to razzle-dazzle the world. What types of coaches should business people (experts in their field) consider hiring? 

JS:  Hire a coach with a proven track record of success. Also hire coaches who will give you telephone numbers and email addresses of people who have worked with them. Then contact those people and find out everything you can before you spend your money. “What kind of return on investment did you get after working with Bob? What did you like most and least about working with him?”


Geralin:  Explain the differences between a talent agent, a publicist, and a PR agent.

JS: A talent agent, as in a Hollywood agent, secures auditions for their actors. A talent agent might also manage the actor’s career. A publicist is an independent contactor who you hire–either on a month basis, or on retainer, or by the project–to generate publicity for you online and offline. A PR agent is someone who you hire, also an independent contractor, to manage one part or all of a public relations campaign. This can include publicity , crisis communications, ghost-writing, speech-writing, etc.


how to get noticedJoan Stewart teaches Publicity Hounds how to use traditional media and social media to promote anything. She’ll show you how to use sites like Twitter and Pinterest to promote your expertise, and how to catch the attention of frazzled news directors, busy reporters and grumpy editors. In fact, she worked as a grumpy editor at three daily newspapers and The Business Journal in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

As a publicity expert and professional speaker, she explains how publicity can establish your credibility, enhance your reputation, position you as an expert, sell more products and services, promote a favorite cause or issue, and establish your company as an employer of choice. She lives and tries to stay warm in Port Washington, Wisconsin. You can subscribe to her popular ezine, “The Publicity Hound’s Tips of the Week.” 

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