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Each set of instructions are given side-by-side in English and Spanish. This allows you to detail your expectations regarding basic housecleaning procedures and preferences, authorized cleaning supplies for general and specific use, and daily cleaning priorities.

The clear, bilingual instructions ensure that you and your housecleaner or housekeeper will be on the same page regarding your expectations and requirements.

A complete set of housekeeping instructions to help you (or clients) better manage their homes.

Clear, bilingual instructions for housekeepers
The English-Spanish Special Instructions Worksheet is a simple way to communicate specific preferences regarding how areas of your home are cleaned. The Areas to Be Cleaned Today and General Housekeeping Checklist provide a detailed list of expected tasks to be completed.

The Housekeeping Instructions also includes an Authorized Cleaning Supply List. This ensures your housekeeper knows what products (and even brands) work best on your various surfaces.