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Learn the Lingo: The Ultimate Glossaries for Professional Organizers

Buy Both + Save - Details

Terms of the Trade: Standard and Hoarding Editions

Communicate clearly + confidently using these professional organizing and hoarding dictionaries as your guide.

NOE + Ask Me Anything: Business Forms and Coaching Call

Get the comprehensive collection of forms and checklists in New Organizers’ Essentials package and a 1-hour coaching call with Geralin to answer any specific questions you have about starting your organizing business.

The Entrepreneurial Essentials for Professional Organizers

New Organizers Essentials | Team Management Essentials | Public Speaking Essentials | Career Coaching Calls for Beginner to Advanced Organizers 

New Organizers’ Essentials: Business Forms, Templates, Guidelines, and Checklists

Project confidence and effectively manage the legal, business, branding, and client-relationship aspects of your organizing services. Use this comprehensive collection of professional organizers’ business tools.

Team Management Essentials: Business Forms and Checklist

Assemble the best team of contractors for your organizing projects with business forms designed to manage any team with confidence.

1+1 Professional Organizer Coaching with Geralin Thomas

Since 2002 pro organizers have trusted Thomas’ tips, tactics, techniques, and trade secrets.

Public Speakers’ Essentials: Toolkit of Forms

Project authority and professionalism with forms designed to help you prepare and deliver the perfect presentation or speech.

Found the Missing Puzzle Piece

The New Organizers' Essentials kit has turned out to be the missing puzzle piece for me. Now I feel more confident and competent when talking to potential clients and I have the tools to convey the value I bring. Thank you, Geralin!

Karen Johnson

You Are What You Wear: Closet Clarity + Wardrobe Wisdom

The 18-page Wardrobe Wisdom Workbook ensures that you’ll have all the details you need to make smart and stylish clothing choices when decluttering and organizing your clothing and closet.

Like Having a Fairy Godmother

These Wardrobe Wisdom tips came in so handy as I was cleaning my closet for fall. Having a list nearby for reminders is like having a fairy godmother reminding me of what is important... as well as what has seen better days!

Kim Gordon
Pop Cosmo.com

Your Home is My Business: Residential Organizing Services

Providing professional organizing and decluttering services in Raleigh, NC since 2002

Geralin Thomas | Metropolitan Organizing, LLC® Raleigh, NC


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Decluttering Your Home - Details

“A useful book providing fun, creative and painless ways to declutter using trade secrets of professional organizer, Geralin Thomas.”

Each set of instructions are given side-by-side in English and Spanish. This allows you to detail your expectations regarding basic housecleaning procedures and preferences, authorized cleaning supplies for general and specific use, and daily cleaning priorities.

The clear, bilingual instructions ensure that you and your housecleaner or housekeeper will be on the same page regarding your expectations and requirements.

From Hoarding to Hope - Details

Reality TV introduced the topics of people with hoardering disorder and hoarding tendencies to millions of Americans. Many joke about their “hoarding tendencies,” but few grasp the reality of what it’s like to struggle with a hoarding disorder.

As a professional organizer, I’ve had the privilege (and sometimes the challenge) of working with clients with hoarding disorder. My hands-on experience has given me a unique understanding of the nature of the disorder and the features of the condition.