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Build a better wardrobe and discover your best style. The detailed illustrations in the Wardrobe Wisdom Workbook will help you identify exactly what to measure, how to measure, and why to measure. Discover which silhouette is your best. Become a more mindful shopper and curate quality over quantity.

Wardrobe Wisdom Workbook

Over 18 pages of illustrations and charts to help you figure out what fits and flatters.

My Favorite Resource

Geralin, I love your advice about creating a closet of classics that can be worn for years; it's the real reason I bought the Wardrobe Wisdom booklet. I was in the audience and loved what you were wearing — very classy and stylish. The booklet has become my favorite resource when shopping and decluttering my closets (yes, I said closets with an 's').

Leslie Burns, New York
Wardrobe Wisdom Workbook cover and inside spread

Learn About Your Body Shape: Height and weight are merely two factors that determine what styles suit your figure; there’s so much more essential data needed to guide your decision-making.

Learn About Your Face Shape: When you know the shape of your face, it helps you understand which eyeglasses, earrings, and hairstyles will flatter you most.

Really, truly helpful

Yikes! The Wardrobe Wisdom kit is my lifesaver as I have a bookshelf filled with lots of fashion and style books but none of them are as clearly written and useful as Geralin's Wardrobe Wisdom booklet. It's (of course!) well organized and really, truly helpful. Geralin I love how you are helping middle-aged women everywhere look and feel put together.

Cathy Sanchez, Texas