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Go Beyond the Basics and Find Your Perfect Fit

This 18 page Wardrobe Wisdom Workbook ensures that you’ll have all the details you need to make smart and stylish clothing choices. It’s a must-have tool to help you look your best.

Really, truly helpful

Yikes! The Wardrobe Wisdom kit is my lifesaver as I have a bookshelf filled with lots of fashion and style books but none of them are as clearly written and useful as Geralin's Wardrobe Wisdom booklet. It's (of course!) well organized and really, truly helpful. Geralin I love how you are helping middle-aged women everywhere look and feel put together.

Cathy Sanchez, Texas

Wardrobe Wisdom Spread Body Measurements for Perfect Fit

Build Your Wardrobe and Personal Style on the Fundamentals

Part One: Measuring Tips

Part Two: Super-Specific Instructions On What to Measure

The detailed illustrations of the female form will help you identify the exact locations at which you will need to take measurements. Record your personal information on the worksheet that follows. These measurements will help you understand:
Your Vertical Proportion and Horizontal Body Shape
Height and weight are merely two factors in determining what styles will suit your figure; there’s so much more essential data needed to guide your decision-making.
Your Face Shape
Knowing the shape of your face will help you understand the accessories and hairstyles that will flatter you most.


A detailed list explains which styles flatter the most common body shapes, proportions and face shapes.


21 Basics To Buy When Building a Classic Wardrobe Capsule 
No single list can identify the perfect classic-style wardrobe options for every woman, but this list is a superior starting point.
How to Spot Quality When Investing in Garments
Learn how to identify high-quality clothing pieces for women. Know when to splurge and when to save.

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Saved Me a Lot of Money

I dreaded taking my measurements because I was never sure how to do it properly but, thanks to the Wardrobe Wisdom book's diagrams and instructions, it's not as difficult as I thought. Knowing my measurements has saved me a lot of money shopping online and ordering garments the first time. Also, knowing my body type has helped me declutter my closet of garments that weren't flattering.

Lourdes Martinez, California

Learn How To Find the Colors, Brands, and Silhouettes that Most Flatter Your Personal Style.

Wardrobe Wisdom + Style Time: Workbook and Call

How to take your perfect measurements and other essential styling tips in the Wardrobe Wisdom Workbook and a 1-hour style call with Geralin to get into more specific details.