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Style Time Coaching Call

One 60-minute wardrobe coaching call with Geralin where closet analysis, clothing coordination, and personal branding questions are encouraged.

Feeling frumpy?

Are you like many women who wear only a fraction of the clothes that they own? Do you buy items, put them on and, take them off over and over because they just don’t look or feel right? Do you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? Is your closet full of clothes that represent a former version of yourself? Are you a serial shopper? Are you sick-n-tired of wearing black pants because it feels safe?

If an outfit or item makes you feel unattractive or uncomfortable, it’s time to let it go. Clients in the USA and Canada enjoy and appreciate my gentle and sometimes humorous approach to helping them edit their wardrobes. After analyzing your measurements, complexion, budget, and current lifestyle, we will co-create a blueprint to build a better wardrobe. A wardrobe that fits you to perfection.

Do you want to look special for a special occasion?

Let’s put together the perfect outfit for your family portrait, professional headshot, class reunion, video conference presentation, or any other upcoming event where you want to look your best.

Is decoding dress codes daunting? “Bohemian Black-Tie,” “Brooklyn Formal,” and “Fancy Farmhouse” (what-the-what?)

I’ll help you choose a perfectly appropriate outfit for any social occasion; holiday party, birthday bash, after-hours business event, or any other creative gathering you’re invited to.

Traveling for business?

From afar, I’ll help you pack your suitcase or weekend bag with “must-have” professional and stylish essentials.

Behind the seams, here’s how it works.

Pre-paid sessions are conducted virtually. Before our very first session, you’ll complete a questionnaire and return it to me via email. After that, you’ll receive a link to schedule our first 60-minute session.

We’ll begin by discussing your goals. Next, we’ll discuss the anatomy of your closet, and finally, we explore you in various outfits. To determine which items are keepers, you’ll step off-camera to try things on, then step back in front of your camera so that we can discuss the specifics of each outfit. You’ll need something stable to prop your camera on top of so you can show me what you’re wearing head-to-toe.

Instead of doing this live, some clients prefer to upload pictures of themselves in various outfits to a cloud location (Dropbox or Google Drive). After receiving a link, I contemplate the pros and woes of each image, and then we discuss via video call or email.

Sessions are conducted using the method that you are most comfortable with.

The Next Steps

I hired Geralin to help me focus and fine-tune the next steps in my organizing business. She shared her knowledge and experiences to help guide me. The end product showed my personality while remaining professional.

Stefanie Watkins, Professional Organizer

Bundle and Save

Style Time Coaching Call + Wardrobe Wisdom Workbook

One 60-minute style time coaching call with Geralin, and the Wardrobe Wisdom Workbook.