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Style Time Coaching: with Geralin Thomas

Our Style Time service is perfect for women who have a closet full of clothes but can never seem to find the perfect outfit to wear. We’ll help you create and accessorize great outfits from items you already own.

Is it time to clear space for the basics you love and make room for new clothes?

If an outfit or item makes you feel unattractive or uncomfortable, it’s time to toss it. I’ll help you edit what’s not working and decide what can be tossed, donated or consigned.
Organize your closet while we talk about your personal style.

Need an outfit for a special occasion?

Get in touch. Let’s put together the perfect wardrobe for your family portrait, professional head-shot or upcoming event.

Ever received a wedding invitation without a mention of dress code? Or something cryptic like “business casual?”

I’ll help you choose a beautiful, stylish and appropriate outfit for special occasions, holiday parties and other events.

Travel for business? We can help with that too.

Your attire and overall appearance says a lot about you. I’ll coach you on how to send the appropriate message. I’ll help you pack your suitcase or weekend bag with your “must-have” professional style options.

Here’s how it works

Most of these sessions are conducted virtually — face-to-face over the computer.

Let’s talk about decluttering what’s in your closet and your wardrobe goals. You’ll step off-camera to try things on, then step back in front of your computer camera so that we can discuss your outfits — just like we would if we were doing the session in-person.

Instead of using camera some clients prefer to upload pictures of themselves in various outfits to a ‘cloud’ location, like Dropbox, for us to discuss via a phone-only — no camera involved.

I’ll gladly do the session using the method that you are most comfortable with.

Style coaching sessions are also fun to do in groups — grab your friends and neighbors and turn it into a special occasion!

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Wardrobe Wisdom + Style Time: Workbook and Call

How to take your perfect measurements and other essential styling tips in the Wardrobe Wisdom Workbook and a 1-hour style call with Geralin to get into more specific details.