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Are you interested in looking like the best version of yourself and feeling like a million bucks? Would you like your closet to become a curated collection – more like a real wardrobe? Believe me, when I say it’s possible. It all begins by discovering your personal style. You and I will work together to determine the proper proportions, body type, and face shape. Once we’ve collected that data, we’ll work on “all the feels.” I’m talking about different fabrics, including weight, texture, prints, contrast, and silhouettes. Trust me when I tell you that this is going to be enjoyable and exciting. And best of all, once you have all the right tools, getting dressed, buying accessories, and coordinating them with your outfits will be easy-breezy.

First Things First

Decluttering and shopping are only part of our style strategy. My plan is to guide you in discovering your personal style so that everything (I do mean everything!) you own fits like a glove and enhances your body type and face shape, your personal style, your lifestyle, and respects your budget.

For more than 20 years I’ve been organizing closets and decluttering clothing. If nothing else, experience has taught me that the “F-word” (fashion) is a fickle, fleeting frenemy for most females. Because of that, I want us to pinkie promise that we’re going to forget all about being fashionable. Instead, let’s focus on style, and that means shapes, silhouettes, and colors so that you’ll feel chic and pulled together and look fabulous come rain or shine… for business or pleasure.

Wardrobe Wisdom Workbook

Over 18 pages of illustrations and charts to help you figure out what fits and flatters.

Like Having a Fairy Godmother

These Wardrobe Wisdom tips came in so handy as I was cleaning my closet for fall. Having a list nearby for reminders is like having a fairy godmother reminding me of what is important... as well as what has seen better days!

Kim Gordon
Pop Cosmo.com

Style Time Coaching Call

One 60-minute session where we discuss and demystify your wardrobe woes.

Bundle and Save

Style Time Coaching Call + Wardrobe Wisdom Workbook

One 60-minute style time coaching call with Geralin, and the Wardrobe Wisdom Workbook.

Saved Me a Lot of Money

I dreaded taking my measurements because I was never sure how to do it properly but, thanks to the Wardrobe Wisdom book's diagrams and instructions, it's not as difficult as I thought. Knowing my measurements has saved me a lot of money shopping online and ordering garments the first time. Also, knowing my body type has helped me declutter my closet of garments that weren't flattering.

Lourdes Martinez, California