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Providing professional organizing and decluttering services in Raleigh, NC since 2002

Geralin Thomas | Metropolitan Organizing, LLC® Raleigh, NC


Are you ready to start living a more organized life with less stress?

Kitchen + Pantry

Make your kitchen a workable, welcoming hub of your home’s busy activities by create savvy kitchen storage spaces.

  • Organize silverware, stemware, and dishes
  • Organize utensil drawers so you can easily find what you need
  • Arrange cabinets to maximize their usefulness
  • Declutter gadgets you haven’t used in years
  • Ensure the food in your refrigerator and pantry are fresh

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A Lifesaver

I met Geralin at a Moms Of Boys meeting. [After working with her] I can see my kitchen counters and find any piece of paper I need from my files. Geralin keeps me on track and encourages me in dealing with my AD/HD and chronic disorganization. I used to start systems all the time but now I have one that is right for my needs. [Previously] I dumped piles of papers into boxes, and ended up moving them from place to place. Having a place for everything is a lifesaver.

Annette Homiller
Cary, NC

Garage, Attic + Basement

See what you have stored and reach items easily. Maximize your storage space and keep only useful and well-loved items.

  • Decide what to sell, what to donate, and what to keep
  • Suggest (or buy for you) functional containers that categorize your belongings
  • Label and arrange boxes, bins, baskets, shelves, drawers, etc
  • Create seasonal organizational systems for holiday decor, luggage, and keepsake treasures

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Organizing Magic

When my wife told me Metropolitan Organizing® was coming in to organize our basement I was curious as to what that entailed. When I heard Geralin's plan was to swap my large portion of the basement (dubbed "the man zone") with the smaller area that was my wife's office I wondered if this was a conspiracy. I gave in (two women vs. me, you do the math) and the results were surprising. Although I had more space with the old setup, I rarely used it. My wife now has a large office with enough room for a sitting area, craft table, and storage. I have a great room to watch ball games in, play darts, or just lounge around in. There was also enough free space to add a work room in for me once Geralin worked her organizing magic. I am now completely sold on the concept and will use Geralin again on future projects.

Chandler and Molly Thompson
Raleigh, NC

Home Office and Small Office

Eliminate the clutter and put systems into place to be more productive and eliminate distrations.

  • Organize products and tools
  • Create efficient storage systems
  • Improve space planning
  • Discover newfound workable space
  • Present or display memorabilia
  • Install efficient shelving and storage systems

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Friendly, Intuitive, and Just Plain Smart

For many years I have wanted this kind of organization in my home office; I just didn’t know where to start or how to do it; now I have the tools. I can’t believe how easily I can file — and more importantly — retrieve things. The lighting suggestions have made a huge difference in my productivity as well. Now my home office is absolutely wonderful! Geralin has a rare talent; she is friendly, intuitive, and just plain smart!

Charlotte Holmes Versfeld
Resident, PR Source Inc., Public Relations & Marketing, Raleigh, NC

Time Management + Productivity

Maximize personal productivity and manage your time to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Manage or modify schedules and time allocations
  • Change your to-do list to a did-do list
  • Organize and consolidate tasks by category
  • Optimize your peak performance time
  • Identify priorities
  • Help you practice the art of saying “no” (We think it’s the single most effective time management tool there is!)
  • Teach you to focus on one task at a time

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Helped Capture More Time Within My Day

With the time management skills and tools provided by Metropolitan Organizing®, I am now able to manage my family, our business and my busy 3 year old twins’ schedules.

I was surprised how Geralin was able to help capture more time within my day. The best part about the whole process was how fun and genuine Geralin is to work with. I not only got my life back under control but enjoyed myself along the way.

Geralin, thank you so much for the gift that continues to give… time!

Jen Shedrick
Cary, NC

Paperwork + Filing Systems

Easily locate important documents with a filing system designed for you. Discover peace-of-mind with paperwork put away

  • Filing, receipts, mail, and paper organization
  • Design workable filing systems
  • Improve paper management
  • Set up bill payment schedules
  • Establish mail processing systems

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Gave me Focus, Determination, and a Formula for Success

I highly recommend Metropolitan Organizing® and Geralin Thomas. Her wisdom, understanding, and creative ideas make my life much easier. As a "paper procrastinator," I have a hard time jumping in and getting things done (i.e. filed or pitched). Her direction is perfect in that it gives me focus, determination and a formula for success. My stacks are smaller and I don’t dread them any more. Geralin is a true gem and a pleasure to work with in any capacity.

Margaret Pettyjohn
Raleigh, NC

Closets + Wardrobes

Effortlessly find something perfect to wear or grab what you need.

  • Decide what to sell, what to donate, and what to keep
  • Discover stylish containers and storage systems to organize your clothes and keepsakes
  • Label and arrange containers
  • Create seasonal organizational systems for clothes and accessories

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Excess Storage

When we purchased our new home, we laughed about how much excess storage it had. Three months later we stopped laughing, as we tried to cram yet more of our stuff into our large closets and cabinets. Recognizing that there had to be a better way, we called Metropolitan Organizing®, who promptly reorganized all of our possessions in half the space. We feel like we bought our new home all over again! Geralin helped us manage our modern life.

Ellen Dershowitz
Realtor, Apex, NC

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