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Meet Meet Jen Jones – the Woman Behind i Heart Organizing

Jennifer Jones – iHeartOrganizing


GT: Jen, in your own words, what is your brand? What sets you apart from other bloggers?

JJ: My brand is all about creating simple, stylish and creative organizing solutions for family, home and life.

I am trying to encourage individuals to have fun with organizing and find ways to become passionate about integrating storage solutions within their home through crafts and DIY projects.

It is all about finding what motivates us to not only implement organizing solutions, but also to maintain those solutions as well.

I think my brand is a bit different because it appeals to those looking to organize AND get creative and crafty. It covers a wide community of people full of passion and excitement to not only create positive life, but get their hands a little dirty in the process.


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GT: Would you share how your business has shifted in the last twelve months?

JJ: My blog is shifting all the time. But what I have learned most over the years, is that you have to marry what you think readers are interested in and the ability to follow your heart.

If I only shared what I wanted, I would be writing for myself. If I only shared what my readers were after, it would be so challenging to please them all and I would drive myself crazy.

It is about finding a balance and being true to yourself, yet considerate of what will continue to inspire those you have visiting each day.

Always stay true to YOU and follow your passion and content should come naturally.

It is also important to put your biggest time and effort into your blog, and keep your other social media channels secondary.


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Image courtesy of iheartorganizing.com


GT: Jen, would you share some of the consultants you have found most helpful?

JJ: For the first few years of blogging, being a DIY’er and researcher by nature, I tried to take on everything on my own. And it worked, but I ultimately started struggling with juggling both a full time blog and a side Etsy shop.

I started by hiring a local, part time assistant who mainly helped me virtually.

I hired someone I had worked with in the past on other projects, so I was excited to find someone I knew I worked well with and that I could trust.

She would assist with setting up my monthly sponsors and running my shop inbox.

This allowed me to be more creative in my blogging and have assistance on those time consuming administrative items.

I also recently hired a graphic designer to help me with an upcoming re-brand. Although I love to do blog graphics, it is a little out of my scope to create an amazing logo.

Above and beyond that, I try to read up on blog tutorials and helpful advice, and I have also found attending classes and conferences are a great way to learn even more.


home organizing blogs

Image courtesy of iheartorganizing.com

GT: One of my favorite posts of yours was from October 8, 2012 when you wrote about your blog calendar binder/printables. How’s that system working for you today and do you have any other favorite tools and tips for maintaining order?

JJ: I am still using it and loving it! However, I am hoping to find a way to incorporate more of those checklists and ideas into my daily planner, so I can carry one life organizer vs. two.


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Image courtesy of iheartorganizing.com


GT:  Jen, what’s on your wish list for professional development?

JJ: I would love to attend more conferences regarding the business side of blogging, since I am typically so focused on the creative side. I am also interested in learning more about WordPress vs. Blogger and working with Ad Networks. There are also a lot of regulations that come with blogging, and I would love to find easier ways to stay up to date with those as well.



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Image courtesy of iheartorganizing.com


GT:  Please describe your work schedule and how you prioritize your projects.

JJ: This is something that has been one of my biggest challenges.

Especially once I started blogging from home full time and could be doing laundry when I should be answering emails or writing a post.
I did two things that have helped most:

I started a monthly blog calendar.

This is where I put in my posts that are scheduled {giveaways, reader features, contributing guests, etc…}. From there I can see the days that need to be filled and begin making plans for those.
Every couple of months, I look at my day from sun up to sun down, and break it into chunks.

Mornings are when I post, afternoons are for emails, etc… I schedule in time for a quick run and breaks.

I take the evenings for my family and schedule in some more time late at night for more emails and working on my Etsy shop.

It is important to list your daily tasks, and then move them to a schedule that works with the rest of your life.

Blogging can work you morning to night since the internet is 24/7, so by scheduling time for work and play, I can create a better balance for myself.


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Image courtesy of iheartorganizing.com


GT:  There are a lot of people trying to imitate your brand of blogging. What’s your advice for anyone just jumping into it? What do you wish you’d known when you started?

JJ: Follow your heart. It is OK to look at bloggers who have had some success, to see if there are any key ideas you can adapt from the start {blog layouts, enhancements, etc…}. For example, if I visit one of my favorite blogs and they are using a new tool to streamline their advertisements on their sidebar, I may want to look into that, as long as it benefits both my readers and my time. We all learn from one another. However, you want your blog to represent YOU. You want it to stand out. The blog world is only getting bigger and bigger, so think about what makes you different from the rest. What colors do YOU love? What are your passions? What would your blog look like and be about if you had never read another blog before? It doesn’t make sense to post once a week about your favorite floral arrangements because others are doing it, if building dollhouse furniture is what you are best at.


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Image courtesy of iheartorganizing.com


GT:  What’s the ‘next step’ regarding growing your business and your brand? Is it worth it to keep growing? What’s motivating you most?

JJ: I never expected my blog to be where it is today, however, I am grateful for every single second of this awesome experience. Of course I have really long-term goals based on what I have learned about what I do and what parts of it make me the happiest. Because I can’t guarantee that blogging will be an option for me forever, I would love to also have a small town shop where I send out pretty planners and printables, and also offer local consulting on organizing and storage solutions. I am motivated by my desire to do something I love.


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Image courtesy of iheartorganizing.com


GT:  What are some of the challenges of managing a successful blog and being famous in the blogging world?

JJ: I still try and tell myself I am only blogging to my immediate family. Otherwise I am instantly intimated and overwhelmed. It has been really crazy going to Ikea, Target and events, and being stopped by people who know me and read my blog. They know so much about me; could tell me the color of my sheets or the type of flooring I have in my bathroom, but I know nothing about them. Kinda weird right?
And emails are a small thorn in my side. I love my readers like crazy, but they wouldn’t always know it because my inbox grows daily and I refuse to not answer every question I receive. It just may take me two months to get to them all, but I will do it.


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Image courtesy of iheartorganizing.com


GT:  Tell us what your three best friends would say your superpowers are.


  • I am fearless of color
  • I love to shower people with kindness
  • and have a great passion for creating a happy home for my family.


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Image courtesy of iheartorganizing.com


GT: Now tell us what your husband and your mother would say your superpowers are.

JJ: My husband would say I am a problem solver {my hubby has once claimed I create problems just to solve them}, and my mom would say that I am a fabulous multi-tasker, since I always seem to be in five places at once.


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Image courtesy of iheartorganizing.com


GT: What are some of your non-mom, non-professional interests? Do you have any hobbies that you don’t blog about?

JJ: I have recently started running and I am growing more in love with it every day. I also love traveling, photography and bad reality television.


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Image courtesy of iheartorganizing.com


GT: Play “high-low” – name three highs from 2013 so far, and 3 lows?



  • Releasing my 2014 planner printables.
  • Attending and speaking at Haven
  • Being featured in my favorite magazine {Better Homes & Gardens Storage Magazine}.


  • Not enough hours in the day
  • The inability to design and finish my studio {designers block}
  • And the failure of specific monthly challenges {trying to organize one space, one month at a time}


  • Color to decorate with: Pink
  • Morning beverage: Coffee
  • Junk food: Popcorn
  • Childhood book: The Babysitter’s Club
  • Christmas cookie: Sugar Cookies
  • Type of flower: Peony
  • Type of film: Romantic Comedy


IHeart Organizing
Many, many, many thanks for participating in my very humble blog.

I hope to meet you at the Haven Conference and take a photo of us together.


home organizing bloggers


Sidenote: I had the great pleasure of meeting Jen in person and can’t wait for many blogger’s conferences to come!


organizing blog


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