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Meet Therese Feeman

Therese FeemanAlt Summit is a four-day conference in Salt Lake City, Utah for designer-types and lifestyle bloggers. It gathers some of the best experts in home decor, graphic design, photography, fashion, food, and interior design; industries complementary to the organizing industry. This was my first year attending Alt Summit and being the extravert I am, I’m always happy to get out of my home office and mingle with women from around the world. Plus, pick up tips for blogging better.

This week, I’m sharing two wonderful bloggers I’ve met: Laura Trevey and Therese Feeman. I had the privilege of meeting both of these talented women at the Haven conference in Atlanta last summer. Let me introduce you to Therese!

Therese Feeman is a DIY designer and owner of Fresh Idea Studio from Tampa, FL. She is known for beautifully hand-painted furnishings and one-of-a-kind home goods. She’s passionate about creative DIY designs and chronicles her how-to experiences on her blog.

GT: Tell us where were you born and raised, where you went to college and what you studied.

TF: I was born and raised in sunny Tampa, FL and received a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Business from the College of Mass Communication and Journalism at the University of Florida.

GT: What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

TF: When I was a little girl I idolized Barbara Walters and wanted to be a TV news anchor just like her. I would actually write out my own scripts and record them onto a cassette tape. Oh boy, now I’m dating myself. 😉 Remember cassette tapes?


GT: Which city do you now call home and what are your favorite (hometown) places to:

TF: I’ve lived in Houston TX, upstate NY and Fort Lee, NJ but my husband and I relocated back to my hometown of Tampa in 2000 and currently live there with our 3 daughters.

I had the pleasure of working for Coca-Cola USA in the great state of NY and I definitely cherish the times I spent at my favorite NYC haunts. I love living in South Tampa with our family because of the long walks and bike rides with our 3 daughters along beautiful Bayshore Blvd, grabbing breakfast at Pinky’s, Sunday brunch at Datz, lunch at The Oxford Exchange or dinner Pane Rustica. I love to spend an hour or two perusing the outdoor shops in Hyde Park Village, shopping The Summer Home on S. Manhattan, spending the afternoon at our favorite beach, Pass-A-Grille or just hanging out in our fun Palma Ceia neighborhood with friends.


GT: How would you describe your sense of style?

TF: My sense of style is an eclectic mix of all things I love. For me, it’s always been about going with the colors and styles I love because there are No Rules which makes it uniquely your style. But when I’m working with clients, whether it’s a furniture makeover or whole house restyle, I really concentrate on listening to what they see or hope to see as their own style. Everyone is different, obviously, but sometimes sharing my style and experience can help them to better understand their own panache.


GT: – – Where do you think it comes from?

TF: I think it comes from having the ability to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us in this big world we live in.  Since I can remember, I’ve had an eye for seeing the details and I think it’s that focus that’s actually ‘my style’..


GT: Tell us about becoming a successful blogger.

TF: I’ve found that becoming successful as a blogger requires the same focus as becoming successful in any line of work.  And, it didn’t take me long to realize the same is true in the blogging world. Success is 1 part talent, 1 part good communication and 2 parts about the relationships you make with the people you admire and respect. Success has come by about staying connected and collaborating in an authentic, meaningful way. Whether it’s face-to-face or online, it’s your reaching out to help others and them doing the same that leads to real success and a greater sense of purpose, in my opinion.

  •  How does Fresh Idea Studio spark your creativity?  Fresh Idea Studio has added such a fun new dimension to my creativity! As a lifestyle blogger,  I have the thrill of writing and photographing my own projects and those I do for clients to share with my readers.  I’ve always thought I’d write a fiction book for children but Fresh Idea Studio has made my dream of writing come true in a way better than I’d ever imagined. Plenty of creative, fresh 😉 ideas here, I just wish I could add a couple hours to each day.

  •  What’s the best business advice anyone’s given you? The best business advice I ever received was from a big time Coca-Cola exec I worked with early on in my career.  He said to “trust your own ideas and present them as solutions.” And, I’ve never forgotten that lesson. I have to say I’ve even caught myself teaching my girls the same approach because it’s been that impactful for me.

  •  Where do you find inspiration? It’s sounds cliche but I find my inspiration everywhere. I really can’t help it. Since I was the littlest of girls, I can remember always seeing (and pointing out) the most unexpected things. It’s that trait that fuels my inspiration endlessly.


GT: How do you give back?

TF: I’m a big believer in giving back in small ways that add up to make a big difference and my husband and I work hard to instill this appreciation for the life we live into our daughters. From sponsoring a foster child’s Christmas, having them donate those shoes they never wear or toys they’ve outgrown, to shopping for my latest project materials at a vintage store that benefits rescue animals or even being a member of a volunteer board for a national non-profit to spending time with my children visiting the elderly a local assisted living home. It’s our little ways of giving back that I hope add up to be one of the life lessons our girls won’t forget.


GT: 3 things you’re obsessed with right this minute.


  1. Organizing to make 2014 the best year yet.
  2. Taking at least a 30 minute walk everyday.
  3. Putting in a tile back splash in our kitchen. {I finally decided on The One.}


GT: What would you bring a hostess if she were:

  • A trendsetter? A set of monogrammed coasters

  • Had a sweet-tooth? A box of Toffee To Go

  • Was a nature lover? A potted rosemary plant wrapped in burlap

  • Completely disorganized? A lined basket for incoming mail

  • What’s the last thing you crossed off your bucket list? Building a new house for our family.


GT: What’s your best karaoke song?

TF: I’m not a karaoke kind of gal but I have been known to crank “It’s a beautiful day” by U2 when I’m driving down the freeway.


GT: What’s the best compliment you’ve received?

The best compliment I’ve ever received was that I’m a good wife and mother.


About Therese Feeman

I’m Therese a wife, mother, DIY designer, life-long learner, novice photographer and enthusiastic writer. I’m a happily married Florida native and lucky mommy of 3 sweet little girls. I’m a preppy chick, with bohemian tendencies, whose eyes see the “potential for pretty” in just about everything.

I’m a ‘maker’, detail-orientation, creative type. I have a mind for business and a decade of Fortune 500 experience under my belt. But I’m at my best when I’m painting and rearranging furniture; and, I’m usually juggling multiple decorating projects at one time. It’s what I do.

I love bold colors, white space, and unique patterns; they inspire me! And, yet I really like understated and natural too. I tend to favor Casual Traditional styles with a spot of Modern and a splash of daring thrown in for good measure. But I think it’s the juxtaposed and unexpected in a space that catches the eye and keeps it interesting.

I love a challenge (something I can really sink my teeth into and figure out), long vacations at the beach, great food, friends and most of all, my family.

I believe tenacity should never be underestimated and if you don’t try, you won’t ever know! And honey, that would be a real shame.

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