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An organizing colleague submitted the following question: “What do you do when the client strongly recommends that you clean around the clutter, and they’ll “deal with it” themselves or completely steer around it? I find that my business has turned around because my clients need both cleaning and organizing, and I can’t do both at the same time. One or the other, right?”

Organizing or Cleaning

Personally, I refer all cleaning duties to professionals that own house cleaning services. I know of several organizers who do both the cleaning and organizing. I also know of several house cleaning services that call themselves organizers and bundle both services. In many circumstances, people hire professional organizers because they postpone decisions about sorting and decluttering their possessions.

Make a Rule

I suggest you establish rules with your clients before you begin working together. For example, during any session, the client can only have four (or whatever number suits you) ‘passes.’ They can say, “I’ll deal with that later,” only four times during any one 3-hour session. I recently negotiated with a client that anytime he said, “Let me work on that later, after you leave,” we would agree, but on the condition that we backtrack and deal with the previously “later” box/bag/container. This forced him to prioritize exactly what he was willing to deal with later. It was slow and painful, but he did it. Note: this client was not dealing with hoarding disorder.

Many people with hoarding tendencies are overly optimistic about their “homework.” So, I encourage only those with enough stamina to take on any tiny tasks or homework projects. For the most part, I encourage them to finish the task with me present and enjoy their “off hours” doing something other than organizing/sorting/decluttering.

Words from Another Organizer

Sparkleizer and Home Organization Expert Crystal Dreisbach agrees. Here’s what she has to say on the subject:

As for clients who say, “I’ll deal with that later,” I gently remind them that such a mindset contributes greatly to their disorganized lifestyle and got them in their current predicament. On a positive note, I also tell them that a very small habit change has the potential to really help them.

I encourage them to identify the discrete action that would be required for them to “deal with it later,” usually probing for more information as needed. For example, the item in question might be a box of miscellaneous junk. I ask probing questions to identify the action required, and I find that they actually need to sort through that box and decide which items to keep and which to give to a donation center. I then encourage them to write this on the box itself – preferably by affixing a brightly colored sticky note to the box which indicates exactly what action they need to take to “deal with” that box. Finally, I assign this task as homework to them, and I follow up.

I believe this exercise – identifying the discrete task and having it as homework – causes a very subtle mental shift for them in their minds and can help change poor habits. It establishes a tangible action step that can be taken rather than an amorphous, overwhelming future responsibility to “deal with it later.” I think the latter is exactly what causes procrastination and feelings of being overwhelmed, which so often plague the disorganized.

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