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I grew up always at war over premium bathroom space with my sister, then with my roommates, and now even with my husband, it’s a struggle. I wish I could have garage storage-sized cabinets, but unfortunately, the layout isn’t big enough and the overall design isn’t fit for my bathroom. It’s too bad we can’t all have amazing bathroom storage spaces. It’s a good thing I have learned to tackle the bathroom instead of tackling the people whom I share it with. Here are some tricks I have found.


Look around your bathroom, what do you see? What areas drive the users the craziest? Start organizing those sections. Take everything out of the cabinets and drawers and make piles for trash, keep, and move to another location. Once you know how many items actually need to be in the bathroom, you can start to look for organizing systems that will work. Start with adding solutions for function, then move on to the decorations. For every solution you find for your bathroom, remember to always think about:

  1. Does it have a use? Does it add more to the clutter or does it help to reduce it?
  2. Does it go with my bathroom design? If it doesn’t, does the function outway the style of the item?

Keep these questions in mind throughout the process.

Solutions for the Lack of Cabinet Storage

If you have a pedestal sink that offers no storage underneath then you may think you’re out of luck. But you aren’t! Add wicker baskets or a basin rack underneath. If you’re worried about the rack being visible, why not try adding a sink skirt? Both solutions have great storage, just determine what will work best for your home. If you have a sink with a vanity, another solution is to add a storage shelf inside it. You can either have a custom one put in to fit your needs or you can add a removable one. The removable one is durable enough to withhold the weight of hygiene products. Either way, adding organization underneath the sink will reduce the amount of clutter and items falling out.

Utilizing Unused Space

Is there space in your bathroom that’s not being used? I’ve found that around the toilet, there is usually unused space. A storage system will help you use the space more efficiently. This bathroom floor cabinet is an intriguing solution. Look at all storage space. There are two compartments for the essentials. If you have a little extra space between the bathtub and the toilet, this would be a great solution.

If the cabinets beside the toilet don’t work with your bathroom layout, try adding an etagere above the toilet. Get one that has adequate storage and is durable. Just remember, your day may be ruined if you accidentally knock things into the toilet. Since I’ve had this happen to me multiple times, my favorite style is one that has a closed cabinet combined with a deep shelf.

Preventing the Shower Slip

When you share a shower with one or more people, do you find yourself fighting for the spots with the most shelving space? I know I do. I’m tired of my shampoo and conditioner getting knocked off the shelf and hitting my feet or slipping in my attempt to avoid the attack. Well, to avoid a full-out battle with your hair products, get a shower rack. There are some shelves that hang over the shower faucet and some that can be easily installed with a tension pole. Either solution provides adequate space which will eliminate the war over space.

Finishing Touches

My last tip isn’t so much an organization tip, it is a way to finish off the bathroom atmosphere. In the closet organization article The Ultimate Guide on Closet Organization a simple trick was to add a coat of paint. Same with a bathroom! If you’re bored or not loving the decor, change it! Just like a closet, sometimes bathroom decorations get left behind. Why not add a statement piece? I personally love something that won’t easily break in the bathroom shuffle or accidentally fall in the toilet. But I have been drawn to ceramic vases lately and I might have to go against my own personal rule. Find something that you like and that will add value to your bathroom. These are just a few tips that I have found helpful. We all know how important organization is, whether it’s the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or garage. With that said good luck on your next organizational endeavor!

Madison Aki is writing on behalf of Monkeybars of WNC & The Upstate, a garage organization company in Greenville.

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