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Media Experience

Attendees of presentations and coaching clients leave sessions feeling motivated, empowered, and prepared to make lasting changes.

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Hoarders on A&E®

Season 5

  • Ep 08: Dee/Jan
  • Ep 09: Verna/Joanne

Season 4

  • Ep 01: Phyllis/Janet
  • Ep 07: Beverly/Megan
  • Ep 14: Judy/Jerry
  • Ep 17: Mike/Bonnie

Season 3

  • Ep 01: Michelle/Kim
  • Ep 02: Follow up episode
  • Ep 06: Carolyn/Jo
  • Ep 07: Laura/Penny
  • Ep 09: Kathleen/Margree
  • Ep 12: Marylynn/Ingrid
  • Ep 18: Andrew/Shania

Season 2

  • Ep 04: Bob/Richard
  • Ep 06: Deborah/Jim
  • Ep 09: Gail/Warren
  • Ep 10: Tra/Jill

Season 1

  • Ep 01: Jennifer + Ron/Jill
  • Ep 05: Kerrylea/Lauren
  • Ep 07: Paul/Missy + Alex

Other National Television Appearances

  • The Nate Burkus Show
  • Fine Living Network
  • Lifetime for Women
  • CNN The Joy Behar Show
  • NBC The Today Show
  • Commercial work for Glade, Lysol, Office Depot, Harris Teeter, and more


Wardrobe + Style

Ask Me Anything Series

Marketing + Branding Series

In Print

Geralin’s Decluttering Your Home book has been translated into 12 languages and is available worldwide. Her advice has been featured in a variety of publications including Huffington Post-Health, Reader’s Digest, Real Simple, Allure Magazine, Costco, Health, WebMD, ShopSmart, BRIDES Magazine, MORE.com, Experience Life, and other publications including her blog posts.

Speaking, Teaching, Coaching

Geralin has taught and coached thousands of professional organizers from around the world. Her quirky, unique voice has been used in ads for well-known brands, and she has created and presented information on a variety of topics related to decluttering, home organizing, work-life harmony, and entrepreneurship.

Words Matter

Read what TV producers, event planners, workshop attendees, and coaching clients have said about working with Geralin.

Highly Responsive

We love working with Geralin!

Geralin is a consummate professional when it comes to providing insight and expertise on organizing and the organization industry.

She is highly responsive to the scheduling demands for our video and podcast project. She knows her stuff and delivers it in a sweet, authentic, and very warm way.

Highest Degree of Professionalism and Compassion

Geralin always approached every job with the highest degree of professionalism and compassion.

As one of our early experts chosen to work on the Hoarders television series for A&E, I had the opportunity to work closely with Geralin Thomas during production of this award-winning series.

For a professional organizer, there could be no cases more challenging or demanding than those featured on this television series. Despite the extreme conditions and crisis situations being faced by those we helped, Geralin always approached every job with the highest degree of professionalism and compassion.

And in the end, managed to turn a nightmare situation into a brand new beginning for the families who she worked with.

George Butts, Executive Producer

Gold Standard

Geralin Thomas has worked with Quo Vadis for several years on planner contests and raffles. These events are always professionally handled drawing a lot of interest by followers.

I consider Geralin Thomas to be the “gold standard” of all time management, organization, and personal productivity gurus. We are both honored and delighted to have her associated with our brand.

Karen Doherty, VP, Marketing - Quo Vadis
Exaclair, Inc.

Meet Geralin