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Don’t leave anything to chance; make sure you’ve taken into consideration all the critical details. The Team Management Essentials Kit includes business forms, checklists, and resources to help you assemble a team of independent contractors and manage team projects. These step-by-step instructions and forms will help you work collaboratively, communicate clearly, and manage all the logistics of team projects.

Team Management Essentials Kit

Over 25 pages of customizable forms, templates, guidelines, and checklists.

Helped Me Earn $2,000.00

Unlike other organizing coaches her coaching session not teasers are. Every session is productive! Using her Team Management Essentials helped me get a job and earn $2,000 as a new organizer so needless to say, I think her sessions and her business forms are money well spent.

Team Management Essentials Kit Cover and Interior Spread

Essential Forms and Spreadsheets

  • Letter of Agreement with Independent Contractors
  • Property Handling Form for Clients
  • Spreadsheets for Team + Vendor Information Management
  • Independent Contractor Screening Forms
Team Management Essentials Kit Cover and Interior Spread

Team Conference Call and Follow-up

  • Logistics
  • Personal Care + Organizing Supplies Checklists
  • Procedures and Best Practices
  • Contractors vs. Employees

Exceedingly Helpful - Hiring Subcontractors

Geralin was exceedingly helpful to me when I considered hiring subcontractors for large organizing and decluttering projects. I had been approached by clients who wanted help on projects larger than I could handle one-on-one, but I didn't know how to go about finding team members, charging for them, or paying them. Geralin coached me through the issues of recruiting and communicating with subcontractors as well as pay structure, on-site management and many other details I hadn't even thought of. With Geralin's help, I've created a business model that's working very well for me, my clients, and my team members. I regularly recommend Geralin's coaching services to other organizers — she is knowledgeable, generous with information and asks the kinds of questions that help me figure out what will work best for my business.

Janine Adams, CPO®

Bundle and Save

Ask Me Anything Coaching Call + Team Management Essentials Kit

One 60-minute coaching call with Geralin, and the TME kit of business forms.