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Comprehensive guides and checklists for speakers: every detail you didn’t even know you needed!

Once you’re ready to start presenting, this is the only kit you’ll ever need. You’ll have everything you need to ask all the right questions, understand the context of the event, and manage event planners’ expectations. Imagine being able to streamline every phase of the speaking process and project confidence and professionalism. The Public Speakers’ Essentials Kit provides all the necessary components to help put your mind at ease and grow your business.

Public Speakers’ Essentials Kit

Over 20 pages of customizable forms, templates, guidelines, and checklists.

Public Speakers' Essentials inside view
This kit helps identify the myriad of details that you should clarify before entering into any type of speaking agreement. The Phone Intake, Letter of Agreement, Evaluation Form, and Event Day Summary collect all of the nitty-gritty information needed to ensure a successful presentation.
Cover and inside view of Public Speakers' Essentials forms
Simply put, these forms, checklists, and templates help organize all of the details and ensure that nothing is misunderstood, miscommunicated, or forgotten. Get feedback on your content, delivery style, and supporting materials, as well as your ability to connect with an audience, educate and entertain, and most importantly, meet each client’s objectives, is what will make you a better speaker so you can secure more (and higher-paying) speaking engagements.


No Gimmicks!

TEAM GERALIN ALL THE WAY! While other coaches try to bully new organizers into signing up for expensive programs or buying unnecessary paraphernalia, she’s busy getting s**t done without pressuring anybody to buy anything. No gimmicks! The Public Speakers’ Essentials kit is a game changer – a great investment.