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Organizing Consultant: Terms of the Trade Hoarding Edition

Communicate with confidence—sound credible and professional on hoarding-related projects.

Terms of the Trade: Hoarding is a glossary for professional organizers interested in learning more about terms associated with hoarding disorder. Containing 90+ terms relevant to compulsive hoarding, it will help organizers sound more confident and credible when communicating.

This glossary helps professional organizers understand the meanings and acronyms related to compulsive hoarding

  • Defines 90+ frequently used terms when working with clients with hoarding disorder.
  • Includes terms from related fields such as psychology, medicine, and public service.
  • Provides related links to more detailed information regarding many terms.

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Terms of the Trade for Professional Organizers + Hoarding Consultants

Terms, abbreviations, and acronyms used in the organizing industry.

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Hoarding Terms - Details

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