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Organizing Consultant: Terms of the Trade for Hoarding

Communicate with confidence—sound credible and professional on hoarding-related projects.

This Terms of the Trade guide is designed primarily for professional organizers who work with clients with hoarding disorder. The glossary is filled with 90+ terms relevant to compulsive hoarding and will help you sound more credible and communicate more clearly on hoarding topics.

How this glossary helps professional organizers understand the meanings and acronyms related to compulsive hoarding

  • Defines 90+ hoarding terms most commonly used in the organizing industry
  • Includes hoarding terms from related fields such as psychology, medicine, and public service
  • Provides related links to more detailed information regarding most of the terms

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Terms of the Trade: Standard and Hoarding Editions

Communicate clearly + confidently using these professional organizing and hoarding dictionaries as your guide.