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New Organizers’ Essentials: Business Forms, Templates, Guidelines, and Checklists

Project confidence and effectively manage the legal, business, branding, and client-relationship aspects of your organizing services. Use this comprehensive collection of professional organizers’ business tools.

The complete guide! 80+ pages of business forms, checklists, templates, and resources to help you start, grow, manage, and market your organizing business. Available for residents of the USA and Canada only.

Took Me from Zero to Hero

All of Geralin's essential business forms are beautifully designed and cover everything. They have been an invaluable asset when developing an aligned business team and a profitable speaking platform. As a new organizer, her New Organizers' Essentials forms got me where I was going in a fraction of the time plus, I would never have thought of half the stuff she includes in these kits. She took me from zero-to-hero in a few short months!

Professional Organizer Business Forms
Professional Organizer Client Admin Forms

Communicate With Clients Confidently

  • Phone Intake
  • In-Person Assessment
  • Letter of Agreement
  • Invoice
  • Photo Waiver
  • Client Feedback
  • Gift Certificate
  • Charitable Donation Log
Professional Organizer Business Admin Forms

Manage Your Business Efficiently

  • Contacts and Accounts
  • Dream Team and Advisors
  • Online Accounts
  • Tracking and Budgeting
  • Mileage Log Non-revenue Generating Task
  • Website: Startup Budget
  • Website: Metrics
  • Social Media: Audience
  • Social Media: Engagement
Professional Organizer Branding Marketing Forms

Attract New Clients Consistently

  • Writing Guidelines
  • Design Guidelines

Found the Missing Puzzle Piece

The New Organizers' Essentials kit has turned out to be the missing puzzle piece for me. Now I feel more confident and competent when talking to potential clients and I have the tools to convey the value I bring. Thank you, Geralin!

Karen Johnson, Professional Organizer

With 38 Pages of Additional Resources, References, and Checklists

New Organizers Essentials Business Forms Extras

Client Admin: Extras

  • New Client Checklist
  • Filing System Template
  • Vital Document Checklist
  • Sorting Signs

Business Admin: Extras

  • New Organizers’ Quiz
  • FAQ’s Prep
  • Business Startup Checklist
  • Organizers’ Toolbox Checklist
  • Income + Expenses
  • Business Recordkeeping
  • Pricing Services and Fees

Marketing-Branding: Extras

  • Services + Niches
  • Materials and Channels
  • Calendar
  • Marketing Without a Website
  • Before Hiring a Website Designer

Stuck Without You

Geralin, you're so upbeat. My website is up. I've designed my stationery. Joined my local NAPO chapter. And, I'm scheduled to give a seminar. I'd still be stuck if it weren’t for you!

Lasar McCabe, Professional Organizer

Bundle and Save

Buy Both + Save Details

Ask Me Anything Career Coaching Call + New Organizers’ Essentials Kit

Bundle and save when purchasing both, the 1-hour AMA career coaching call with Geralin, and the NOE business kit which includes forms, templates, and checklists.