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Geralin Thomas career coaching for professional organizers ad

  • 17+ years in the world of professional organizing and productivity.
  • Published book author.
  • Featured subject matter expert in an array of national magazines.
  • Appearances on popular TV shows including A&E’s Hoarders and NBC’s The Today Show.
  • Accomplished seminar + workshop leader.
  • Level V Master Trainer, the highest level of certification in the professional organizing field.
  • Coach + instructor to thousands of professional organizers.

It all adds up to a trusted + respected partner, ready to help you launch or build your own successful, sustainable, and lucrative organizing business.

Collaborating with a seasoned pro will increase your confidence, improve your productivity, and facilitate scalability–at any business level.

Embarking on business transformation–whether a new or established venture–can seem overwhelming: dread of the steep learning curve, apprehension about change, concerns about cost, process, competition + day-to-day operations.

I offer tips, tactics, and trade secrets designed to help you accelerate your learning with an emphasis on mastering faster. In addition, I want you to feel relaxed, confident, and well-equipped to focus on your business while building self-reliance and honing your skills.

You can listen to my secrets of success in the NAPO Standout Podcast for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. During the episode, you’ll learn the best way to start out if you’re new to the industry, why building your credibility and professionalism is essential to building your business, and the one marketing tool I can’t live without!

I invite you to view a few videos I created just for new professional organizers on my YouTube channel. During each video, I address some frequently asked questions. You’ll realize that you, like other aspiring professional organizers, don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You also don’t have to do this all by yourself. I’m here for you. I want to help clarify confusing terms. Take for example “certificate” and “certification.” Two very different things. Or how about branding, marketing, sales, advertising and public relations? Closely related, but again, very different.

My partnership-centered approach defines your unique vision of business success, then fosters skills and knowledge to follow your bespoke blueprint to achievement.

I want to truly comprehend your approach to your business–no matter the size or scope of products + services offered. We’ll partner to determine the career-enhancing changes, productivity-boosting processes, and smart strategies that will best match your goals + budget.

One-size-fits-all has no place in my world; I’m here to offer custom-tailored attention, designing real solutions for real people, emphasizing simplicity + excellence.

I turn the serious work of strengthening your enterprise into a delightful + rewarding adventure.

My laser-focus is on guiding you to affordably achieve meaningful results sooner than traditional coaching + learning methods. My heart is in creating a supportive environment of positive transformation, driven by the ongoing reward of experiencing delight every time you get to work.

Our shared dream: heighten efficiency where you excel, outsource purposefully, and maximize time spent doing what you love!

Comprehensive Forms

Geralin’s New Organizers' Essentials forms make a difference for both new and established professional organizers. She's created comprehensive forms that condense a lot of vital information necessary for client evaluation and interaction, business administration and money management. These forms will help any professional organizer run her/his business more smoothly and effectively.

Ellen R. Delap, CPO®

Coaching for Professional Organizers in the USA + Canada

1+1 Professional Organizer Coaching

Available for residents of the USA and Canada only.

Since 2002 pro organizers have trusted Thomas’ tips, tactics, techniques, and trade secrets.

The Ultimate Glossaries for Professional Organizers

Buy Both + Save - Details

Terms of the Trade: Standard and Hoarding Editions

Communicate clearly + confidently using these professional organizing and hoarding dictionaries as your guide. Available for residents of the USA and Canada only.

Business Forms for Professional Organizers

New Organizers’ Essentials: Business Forms, Templates, Guidelines, and Checklists

Project confidence and effectively manage the legal, business, branding, and client-relationship aspects of your organizing services. Use this comprehensive collection of professional organizers’ business tools.

NOE + Ask Me Anything: Business Forms and Coaching Call

Get the comprehensive collection of forms and checklists in New Organizers’ Essentials package and a 1-hour coaching call with Geralin to answer any specific questions you have about starting your organizing business.

Found the Missing Puzzle Piece

The New Organizers' Essentials kit has turned out to be the missing puzzle piece for me. Now I feel more confident and competent when talking to potential clients and I have the tools to convey the value I bring. Thank you, Geralin!

Karen Johnson

Business Forms for Managing a Team

Team Management Essentials 

Assemble the best team of contractors for your organizing projects with business forms designed to manage any team with confidence.

Grow Your Professional Organizing Business with the Best Team.

TME + Ask Me Anything: Business Forms and Coaching Call

Get the team building forms and checklists in Team Management Essentials package and a 1-hour coaching call with Geralin to answer any specific questions you have about assembling a group of independant contractors.

Upbeat, Engaging, and Encouraging

It wasn’t until I was 61 years old that I decided to reinvent myself and become a professional organizer. A few months after I opened my organizing business, I set out to learn everything I could about the industry.

I took Geralin’s NAPO 104 class, Starting an Organizing Business. Geralin is upbeat, engaging and encouraging — even humorous. Early on, I struggled with confidence, especially about what to charge. As I’ve grown my business, Geralin has been my biggest cheerleader. She encouraged me to join my local NAPO chapter. Through my involvement, I’ve had opportunities to learn and grow that I never would have if I had stayed in my comfort zone.

Geralin is passionate about helping others develop their potential. She’s a joy to learn from and always makes you feel valued, capable and cared about.

Susan E. Terkanian

Public Speakers’ Essentials

*Available for purchase to residents of the USA and Canada only  

Project authority and professionalism with forms designed to help you prepare and deliver the perfect presentation or speech.