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Over the years, I’ve received thousands of questions from new and aspiring professional organizers who are inspired by home-organizing magazines, books, and television make-over shows. Questions like these are common: How can I look like a pro when I’m just starting a business? How do I start a professional organizing business? What education do I need to become a professional organizer? Can I make a living as a professional organizer? Is there a demand for professional organizers? How much should I charge as a professional organizer? How do professional organizers find clients? Aspiring professional organizers wonder what the industry is really like and what it takes to become a successful professional organizer. Below I’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about becoming a professional organizer, but, if you have burning questions, not on this list, schedule a call.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Professional Organizer

Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing + Branding for Aspiring Professional Organizers

Questions About Income + Expenses, Rates + Fees for Aspiring Professional Organizers

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Processes for New Professional Organizers

  • “How do pro organizers onboard new clients?”
  • “How do pro organizers follow up with clients?”
    • Here is how to nurture relationships with existing clients with a good follow-up process.
  • “How can I make sure I deliver high-quality service as my company grows?”
    • Consistent procedures are essential. Here’s what to include in your operations manual.

Aspiring Professional Organizers Start Here and Now. Here’s How:

➡️ If you have questions about becoming a professional organizer schedule a free 15-minute no-obligation consultation.

Stuck Without You

Geralin, you’re so upbeat. My website is up. I’ve designed my stationery. Joined my local NAPO chapter. And, I’m scheduled to give a seminar. I’d still be stuck if it weren’t for you!

~Lasar McCabe, Professional Organizer

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