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The Terms of the Trade (TOT), and the editable New Organizers’ Essentials (NOE) kit were designed so that aspiring professional organizers, like you, have what you need as you begin your entrepreneurial adventure. If you want to become literate in the language of business the two Terms of the Trade glossaries are the place to start.

 “Geralin’s Grand Brand Plan,” is a free downloadable checklist that will help you brand your business to attract and maintain loyal clients.

And, please consider the ultimate, best-selling, dynamic duo which includes one Ask Me Anything Coaching Call + a New Organizers’ Essentials kit. Purchase them together to accelerate your start-up and, save money.

I’m all about theory, practical application, and learning the nuts and bolts before jumping into the deep end with clients. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and my solutions for aspiring professional organizers.

Geralin Thomas Professional Organizer Coach

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers with Geralin Thomas

Marketing + Branding

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Entrepreneurship Essentials: Start here. Start now. And let it be easy.

My mission is to help you get from where you are now, to doing work that excites you and earns money. I’m known for being effective and efficient and helping organizers create better businesses. I am always respectful regarding what’s best for your bottom line, both short- and long-term. So, now you’re wondering where to begin. This is the question of many aspiring professional organizers. There’s no right or wrong way. I mean, it’s your business. You can do as you please. However, there is an easy, less stressful way to start. Keep reading.

3 Suggestions for Aspiring Professional Organizers

  1. Begin by talking the talk. My first suggestion is to purchase the very affordable glossaries or Terms of the Trade because to learn the industry, you will need to learn the lingo. There are two versions of Terms of the Trade: standard and hoarding. Even if you think you’ll never work with clients who have a hoarding disorder, it’s expected that you’ll be familiar with the terms.
  2. Next, check out “Geralin’s Grand Brand Plan.” This is a free downloadable checklist to use before you select colors for your brand, build a website, decide on a business name, or write content for your marketing materials. It’s a mini style and branding guide created especially for professional organizers. In addition, I invite you to view videos I created for new professional organizers on my YouTube channel to help clarify communications related to business branding, marketing, sales, advertising and public relations.
  3. Finally, be strategic and invest wisely! One Ask Me Anything Coaching Call and a New Organizers’ Essentials kit if purchased separately would cost $255.00 but when you bundle, you save. The total cost of purchasing these two best sellers together is only $230.00; that’s a savings of $25.00! When you purchase my products and services you are receiving reliable information, from a well-respected person (me!) who has been in the organizing industry since 2002. I have hundreds of testimonials from clients and students. My materials are professionally designed and updated regularly. Rich in detail and comprehensive in scope; you’ll grow into them instead of outgrowing them.

*Ask Me Anything calls are sold one at a time. That means there are no expensive packages or long-term contracts. We work together at a pace that suits your timing and your budget. If you’ve sat through numerous “sage on the stage” webinars and conference sessions but want more meaningful discussions with context, let’s talk. AMA calls are available for residents of the USA and Canada.

Summarizing the 3-Step Plan for Building a Successful Business

    1. Communicate clearly. Purchase both glossaries made for organizers, designed by an organizer. The Terms of the Trade can be saved and used as a resource for years to come.
    2. Create a grand brand plan before building your website or hiring a website designer.
    3. Jot down all your questions and book a 60-minute private Ask Me Anything Career Coaching Call. I’ll help you “master faster” and then you can customize the New Organizers Essentials kit which includes all the business forms and quick-start tips you’ll need to jump-start your business.

Bundle and Save

Buy Both + Save - Details

Terms of the Trade General Organizing Edition + Hoarding Edition

In order to talk the talk, you’ll need to use all of the appropriate terms, abbreviations, and acronyms. Purchase both editions – standard and hoarding and save.

Buy Both + Save Details

Ask Me Anything Career Coaching Call + New Organizers’ Essentials Kit

Bundle and save when purchasing both, the 1-hour AMA career coaching call with Geralin, and the NOE business kit which includes forms, templates, and checklists.