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I designed my Terms of the Trade (TOT), New Organizers’ Essentials (NOE), and Grand Brand Plan (G’s GBP) to teach you, the aspiring professional organizer, what you need to know as you explore the organizing industry.

It’s about theory, practical application, and learning the nuts and bolts before jumping into the deep end with paying clients. Here are 7 of the most common challenges that aspiring professional organizers typically deal with when starting out as a professional organizer.

Geralin Thomas Metropolitan Organizing

Nod Your Head If These Sound Familiar:

  • “Are there riches in the niches? With all the interests I have, how do I narrow it down to find a niche?”
  • “Will doing the work I love be profitable? How much can I expect to earn?”
  • “I’m afraid people will think I’m a poser. I don’t have experience except for friends and family.”
  • “Am I too old? Maybe I’m too young? Too quirky? Too this or that?”
  • “I do not understand how to start a business. I’ve never done this before.”
  • “The number of organizers in my neck of the woods is overwhelming; is the market saturated?”
  • “I don’t have time to figure this out. I have work, family, pets, responsibilities–it’s endless. Just tell me what to do!”

Start here. Start now. And let it be easy. Entrepreneurship Essentials.

My mission is to help you get from where you are now, to doing work that excites you and earns money. I’m known for being effective and efficient and helping organizers create better businesses. I am always  respectful regarding what’s best for your bottom line, both short- and long-term.

So now you’re wondering where to begin. Tis the question of many aspiring professional organizers. There’s no right or wrong way. I mean, it’s your business. You can do as you please. However, there is an easy, less stressful way to start.

1-2-3 Suggestions for Aspiring Professional Organizers

  1. Begin by talking the talk. My first suggestion is to pick up a copy of Terms of the Trade.  Because to learn the industry, you will need to learn the lingo. There are two versions:  Terms of the Trade Standard edition, and the Terms of the Trade Hoarding edition. Buy both and save money. Even if you think you’ll never, ever work with clients who have a hoarding disorder, it’s expected that you’ll be familiar with the terms-trust me.
  2. Next, check out “Geralin’s Grand Brand Plan.” This is the workbook to use before you build a website, pick your colors, or write content for your marketing materials. It’s a style and branding guide created especially for professional organizers. (Coming soon!) I invite you to view videos I created for new professional organizers on my YouTube channel to help clarify some terms used in business branding, marketing, sales, advertising and public relations. They are closely related, but serve different purposes.
  3. Finally, consider the “dynamic duo.”  One Ask Me Anything Coaching Call and a New Organizers’ Essentials kit. You have a onetime option of purchasing them together and saving money.

My Ask Me Anything calls are sold one at a time. That means there are no expensive packages or long-term commitments or contracts. We work together at a pace that suits your timing and your budget.

Summarizing the 3-Step Plan for Building a Successful Business

  1. Begin by learning the lingo; talk the talk using the terms of the trade.
  2. Have a grand brand plan before building your website.
  3. Ask me anything during a 60-minute private, confidential phone call. I’ll help you “master faster” with the NOE kit and give you one-on-one private, personalized, actionable advice.

The New Organizers' Business Forms are Very Useful

Geralin, I purchased your New Organizers' Essentials business forms and I want to say THANKS for creating something so useful!

Olivera Anicic

Glossaries for Professional Organizers

Buy Both + Save - Details

Terms of the Trade: Standard and Hoarding Editions

Communicate clearly + confidently using these professional organizing and hoarding dictionaries as your guide.

Start a Professional Organizing Business Like a Pro

NOE + Ask Me Anything: Business Forms and Coaching Call

Get the comprehensive collection of forms and checklists in New Organizers’ Essentials package and a 1-hour coaching call with Geralin to answer any specific questions you have about starting your organizing business.