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Over the years, I’ve received thousands of questions from new and aspiring professional organizers who are inspired by home-organizing magazines, books, and television make-over shows. Questions like these are typical: How can I look like a pro when I’m just starting a business? How do I start a professional organizing business? What education do I need to become a professional organizer? Can I make a living as a professional organizer? Is there a demand for professional organizers? How much should I charge as a professional organizer? How do professional organizers find clients?

Aspiring professional organizers wonder what the industry is really like and what it takes to become a successful professional organizer. Below I’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about becoming a professional organizer, but, if you have burning questions, not on this list, schedule a call with me!

Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Professional Organizer

“Where is the quiz to help me figure out if I have what it takes to become a professional organizer?”

Here is the free downloadable quiz.

“Where is the step-by-step business blueprint/checklist for becoming a professional organizer?”

Here are the first six steps for starting a professional organizing business.

“How much does it cost to become a professional organizer?”

Here are the basic start-up costs for starting a professional organizing business.

“Which questions should I be prepared to answer when prospective clients call?”

See my free checklist of common questions clients ask when hiring a professional organizer.

“What should I include in my client contract?”

The post 10 essential elements to include in a client contract, contains the information you’re looking for.

“Do professional organizers need business insurance?”

Yes. Read how to get the best insurance coverage for your business and how to determine your insurance needs when hiring contractors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing + Branding for Aspiring Professional Organizers

“How’s my branding? In your opinion, does my website/slide deck/logo/social media look okay?”

Here is a checklist for “Geralin’s Grand Brand Plan” created for new professional organizers.

“How do professional organizers write their mission and vision statements for business?”

Start with this article on mission + vision statements.

“Regarding my first website… what do I need to know?

Read this article on creating your first website.

“As a professional organizer, can I use a business name if another organizer is using it?”

Read this article on naming your business.

Questions About Income, Expenses, Rates, and Fees

“How much do new professional organizers charge clients?”

Explore this article on what organizers around the country charge for their services.

“I want to sell organizing products. What do I need to know?”

Learn more in this article about affiliate programs.

“I’m really good at home organizing but not good at bookkeeping; what’s your advice?”

Read this article about hiring a bookkeeper.

“I’ve been asked to speak to a small group; how much do organizers charge to speak?”

Here is how to determine a fee for public speaking.

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Processes for New Professional Organizers

“How do pro organizers onboard new clients?”

Here are my suggestions to build a strong onboarding process.

“How do pro organizers follow up with clients?”

Here is how to nurture relationships with existing clients with a good follow-up process.

“How can I make sure I deliver high-quality service as my company grows?”

Consistent procedures are essential. Here’s what to include in your operations manual.

Aspiring Professional Organizers Start Here and Now!

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