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Over the years, I’ve received thousands of questions from new and aspiring professional organizers who are inspired by home organizing magazines, books, and television make-over shows. New professional organizers wonder what the industry is really like and what it takes to become a successful professional organizer. Below I’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about becoming a professional organizer and my answers. If you’re serious about becoming a professional organizer and starting a home organizing business, let’s talk! Use this link to schedule a free 15-minute no-obligation consultation call.

Frequently Asked Questions for New Professional Organizers

Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing + Branding for New Professional Organizers

Questions About Income + Expenses, Rates + Fees for Aspiring Professional Organizers

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Processes for Professional Organizers

  • “How do I establish a good working relationship with newly signed clients?”
  • “Do you have tips for following up with clients after working with them?”
    • Here is how to nurture relationships with existing clients with a good follow-up process.
  • “How can I make sure I deliver high-quality service as my company grows?”
    • Consistent procedures are essential. Here’s what to include in your operations manual.

Become a Professional Organizer. Start Here. Right Now. Here’s How:

  1. Purchase the Terms of the Trade glossary for professional organizers because you need to build your organizing vocabulary and understand the most commonly used words in the industry and the abbreviations and acronyms.
  2. Invest in one Ask Me Anything Coaching Call and the New Organizers’ Essentials kit. The NOE kit is rich in detail and comprehensive in scope so that you’ll grow into it instead of outgrowing it. Read how the NOE kit and AMA Coaching Call combo have helped others.
  3. If you’re looking for an accountability partner, purchase four Ask Me Anything Coaching Calls and get a fifth call free.
  4. If you’re still unsure how to proceed, let’s meet on Zoom and strategize. Aspiring professional organizers can schedule a free 15-minute no-obligation consultation.

Direct, Actionable Advice

I met Geralin through her NAPO classes; I love her teaching style and her real-life examples. As a coach, she helped me with everything I needed in the very beginning — a company name, logo, and website content. Geralin has a deep understanding of the organizing industry. She gives direct, actionable advice, and I always finish our calls feeling my money is well invested.

Helena Alkhas, Personal Organizer

Save $25.00 when you bundle one Ask Me Anything Coaching Call and a New Organizers’ Essentials kit. Pay that savings forward to purchase the Terms of the Trade. This offer is available only to residents in the USA and Canada.

Terms of the Trade: The Essential Glossary for Organizing + Productivity Consultants

Over 280 terms, abbreviations, and acronyms used in the organizing industry.

Ask Me Anything Coaching Call + New Organizers’ Essentials Kit

One 60-minute coaching call with Geralin, and the NOE kit of business forms.