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New professional organizers rarely know where to begin, what to purchase, or whom to trust. Many aren’t sure if they’re going to fail or sail. That’s why I created this page. I invite you to take your time. Look around. Read the frequently asked questions and answers. Then, take a deep breath.

I’ll begin by introducing you to my very best selling products: two glossaries–better known as the Terms of the Trade (TOT)–and the editable New Organizers’ Essentials (NOE) kit, which contains all the business forms, templates, checklists, and information required to launch and grow your business. The TOT and NOE are the perfect starting place for aspiring professional organizers like you. You’ll have everything you need to onboard clients and talk the talk with clients, colleagues, therapists, and other professionals.

Next, explore “Geralin’s Grand Brand Plan,” which is a free downloadable checklist that will help you strategically brand your business to attract and maintain loyal clients. I highly recommend you use this free checklist before contacting a web designer as it will help prepare you for the questions you’ll be answering. The organizer in you knows that being prepared saves time and money.

If you’re working on a shoestring budget, I’ve put together a “bundle and save” package which includes one 60-minute Ask Me Anything Coaching Call and the New Organizers’ Essentials kit.  Purchase them together and save $25.00. During the AMA call, as the name implies, you really can ask me anything.

Finally, I recommend that you put your business processes and procedures in place. Make time to learn about theory, practical applications, and the nuts and bolts of owning and running a business before jumping into the deep end, doing hands-on client work. It’s tempting to fake it till you make it but I advise against it. Set yourself up for success. I’d love to help you!

Okay, let’s move onto some of the questions I’m asked most frequently.

Geralin Thomas Metropolitan Organizing

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers with Geralin Thomas

Branding + Marketing

Rates + Fees

Entrepreneurship Essentials: Start here. Start now. And let it be easy.

My mission is to help you get from where you are now, to doing work that excites you and earns money. I’m known for being effective and efficient and helping organizers create better businesses. I am always respectful regarding what’s best for your bottom line, both short- and long-term.

Your 3-Step Plan for Building a Successful Business:

    1. Learn to communicate clearly. Purchase both glossaries made for organizers, designed by an organizer. The Terms of the Trade will be used as a resource for years to come.
    2. Create a grand brand plan before hiring a website designer.
    3. Jot down all your questions and let’s talk. Book a 60-minute private Ask Me Anything Career Coaching Call. I’ll help you “master faster” and then you can customize the New Organizers Essentials kit which includes all the business forms and checklists you’ll need to efficiently start your business.

Bundle and Save

Buy Both + Save - Details

Terms of the Trade: Standard and Hoarding Editions

Communicate clearly + confidently using these professional organizing and hoarding dictionaries as your guide.

NOE + Ask Me Anything: Business Forms and Coaching Call

Get the comprehensive collection of forms and checklists in New Organizers’ Essentials package and a 1-hour coaching call with Geralin to answer any specific questions you have about starting your organizing business.