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Over the years, I’ve received thousands of questions from new and aspiring organizers who’ve been inspired by home organizing magazines and television make-over shows. They wonder what the industry is really like and what it takes to become a professional organizer. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about becoming a professional organizer and my answers.


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  1. Begin by talking the talk. Purchase the glossary because knowing the Terms of the Trade will help you not only understand the most commonly used words in the organizing industry but, the abbreviations and acronyms too.
  2. Bundle + Save. Purchase one Ask Me Anything Coaching Call and the New Organizers’ Essentials kit (together!). The NOE kit is rich in detail and comprehensive in scope so that you’ll grow into it instead of outgrowing it. If purchased separately they would cost $255.00, but when you bundle, you’ll save $25.00! Read how the NOE kit and my 1+1 Coaching have helped others.
  3. Clarify your message so people engage. Geralin’s Grand Brand Plan for professional organizers is a free downloadable checklist.
  4. My YouTube channel is the place where I talk about branding, marketing, sales, advertising, and public relations. Check it out. It’s free.

She's Been a Lifesaver

Diving into the organizing profession without Geralin would be like jumping into a pool thinking you can out-swim a competitive swimmer! She’s been a lifesaver.

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Terms of the Trade for Professional Organizers + Hoarding Consultants

Terms, abbreviations, and acronyms used in the organizing industry.

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Hoarding Terms - Details

General Organizing Terms - Details

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Ask Me Anything Coaching Call + New Organizers’ Essentials Kit

One 60-minute coaching call with Geralin, and the NOE kit of business forms.