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I’m best known for offering real solutions for real people, emphasizing simplicity and excellence in my approach to organizing challenges both large and small.

In addition to practicing the art and science of getting and staying organized, I share my insights with those pursuing careers as professional organizers.

I coach new professional organizers from around the world. Offering expert advice on practically every aspect of the industry, through one-on-one coaching and group teleclassess.

I have helped thousands of professional organizers reach their goals and build their own successful, sustainable, and lucrative organizing businesses.

I have been published in an array of national magazines and featured on A&E’s Hoarders, The Nate Berkus Show, NBC’s The Today Show and South Africa’s, The Home Channel.

When I’m not busying managing my business, Metropolitan Organizing ® LLC, I’m busy managing modern life® – just like my clients!

NAPO Presidents Award NAPO 15 Year
At a Glance

  • Past President of the NC chapter of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals
  • Level V, Master Trainer, CPO-CD (2010), the highest level of certification in the professional organizing field
  • Best Chronic Disorganization Expert (2013)
  • Webinar Instructor for Intro to Productivity and Professional Organizing | NAPO PO-1-001
  • Webinar Instructor for Starting a Productivity or Organizing Business | NAPO 1-104
  • Published in an array of national magazines and featured on A&E’s Hoarders, The Nate Berkus Show, NBC’s The Today Show, CNN, and South Africa’s The Home Channel.
  • Ambassador for NAPO-NC new members
  • Host for NAPO’s Ask The Pro webinar series
  • President’s Award, NAPO (2018)
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And, this is what I know for sure…

There’s Amazing Power in Organizing your Time, Space, and Life and the Benefits are Real.


Honestly, I didn't know companies like Metropolitan Organizing existed. My experience with the company and the people who work there has been extraordinary!

It started over 7 years ago when I first moved to Apex, NC from Florida. I had 25 years of "stuff" accumulated and we were moving into a greatly downsized home. I was totally overwhelmed and demoralized.

Metropolitan was amazing. Everything they do is personally tailored to your needs. When they were finished, my home, even the garage, looked perfect. AND, most importantly, they motivated ME to work with them and actually get rid of unnecessary things I had been hanging on to with no good reason.

Since then, I have continued to work with them and currently have an appointment set up for February. Wonderful, wonderful people who keep you on track with your organization and help you get rid of the everday clutter that just seems to accumulate.

Unless your home is perfectly organized everywhere and always company-ready, you NEED Metropolitan Organizing! Extremely competent and professional. You won't be disappointed!

Judith Hunt

Sharing Real Knowledge and Experience is Tranformational and It Helps Others to Grow and Thrive.

My Organizing Business Doubled!

I first saw Geralin on Hoarders when I was about one year into my professional organizing business. I loved how confident and classy she was, even in the stickiest of situations. When I met Geralin in person at a conference, her charismatic personality really stood out. After that, I contacted her for coaching. Since then, Geralin has been an amazing influence in my business. She and I meet a couple of times each month to discuss my business strategy. I've gained the confidence and knowledge that I need to succeed in the professional organizing business.

Geralin has always been friendly, goal-oriented and dependable. I know I can count on her when I need her the most — I don't know what I'd do without Geralin as my business coach. She lends the added support and mentorship I really need. Since beginning my work with her, my business has doubled. Anyone who is thinking of becoming a professional organizer should contact Geralin — she's an amazing mentor, leader and coach. Every time I meet with her I walk away with great information, assignments and new goals. Her cheerfulness is rejuvenating and I look forward to every session.

Rachel Seavey
Collector Care

When You Wear What Makes You Feel Comfortable and Confident, Something Magical Happens.

Timeless Recommendations

It's the grown-up girl's go-to-guide to building a smart and stylish wardrobe. The kit's simple equations and useful, timeless recommendations make dressing like a wise woman easy and fun. Thanks Geralin for the secrets of how to build a stylish wardrobe fit just right for me!"  Therese Feeman, Florida

Therese Feeman
Fresh Idea Studio.com

When You’re Always Learning, Sharing and Engaging an Exciting Experience Will Present Itself.

Absolute Pleasure

Geralin is an absolute pleasure to work with and the consummate professional. She is enthusiastic, friendly, fun, warm and engaging with everyone who approaches her. She is a draw for the consumers that we hope to bring to our home and garden shows. As a matter of fact, she is exactly what our exhibitors are looking for. Everyone participating in her seminars walks away with usable, applicable tools for life’s journey.

Bryce Marie Johnson, Executive VP of Marketing
Home Builders Association of Fargo-Moorhead