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My first name is Geralin. It rhymes with Carolyn and Marilyn and simply put, I’m a business resource for professional organizers. I work one-on-one with professional organizers who want to accelerate the learning curve, clarify goals, focus, and become confident. I offer affordable one-hour sessions. I strive for simplicity, excellence, and elegance without long-term contracts; no long-term pricey coaching packages. No sales-y sessions filled with hyperbole or gimmicks. 

I meet virtually with professional organizers in the U.S.A. and Canada. They share their specific business challenges or questions, and I share my insights and offer advice on earning money, implementing systems and processes, and flourishing. Schedule a free call with me today!

Is there something stopping you?

You dream of creating a successful organizing business because organization, time management, and productivity are what you do well. It’s most likely the behind-the-scenes stuff that has you worried. Maybe you don’t have time for it, or maybe it feels like there’s a better way. It’s hard to shine brightly and be all that you can be when you’re worrying about systems, processes, or a million little questions that need answering about launching, growing, or managing your business.

Trust me when I tell you that the sense that you’re missing something urgent, important, or necessary is not serving you well. Perhaps you feel you are spinning a bunch of plates in the air, and if you drop one of those plates, someone or something will crash and shatter into a million little pieces. Can you relate?

I’ve been there, too.

Being thrown into the deep end of the pool is no fun. I remember when I started my business in 2002; I was calm on the surface but paddling like crazy below the surface to keep up. It’s hard to find a steady rhythm, but it is critical! Without it, your health, the health of your business, and your relationships drown.

My ah-ha moment was when I realized the answer isn’t about crossing more to-dos off my list. It isn’t about being strategic. For me, success is about developing processes and putting them in place. After I discovered how to create processes for workflow and integrate them with my daily activities, long-term goals, urgent tasks, and priorities, things started going very well.

I’ve continued to advance professionally, and while I’m very proud of my professional accomplishments, it’s my personal accomplishments that bring me the most satisfaction. I’ve been married to Bill, my husband, since 1988, and we raised two sons. Now, we’re empty-nesters who’ve become “those people” who are bananas for our little six-pound spoiled rotten dog, Pip. Bill and I enjoy good health, wonderful friendships, and colleagues we respect and admire.

My life is far from perfect, but I’ve found strategies for doing more of what matters more and less of what doesn’t.

How can I help you?

I help professional organizers launch, grow, manage, market, and advance in their businesses. My clients lead and succeed with confidence. Read what clients say about working with me. Schedule a free call with me today. 

My mission is to give you clarity and actionable steps so you can cut the chaos and confusion and start focusing on your building a successful business. I’ve shared secrets of success in an episode of the NAPO Standout Podcast. Tune in to learn about the best way to begin if you’re new to the industry, why building your credibility and professionalism is so important, and the one marketing tool I can’t live without!

We can make your dreams come true through my one-on-one Ask Me Anything one-hour coaching calls and products like my Terms of the Trade glossary, New Organizers’ Essentials business forms, and blog posts written for pro organizers. Every day, I help professional organizers just like you manage modern life. I hope you’ll book a coaching session today!

The art of the start

Every resource on this site was thoughtfully created with you in mind – every blog post, every product, every tool. Use the search function (the little magnifying glass near the upper right corner of my home page) to find articles written just for you—wherever you are on your journey.

Together we can build a successful, sustainable business. You just need a little help planning and implementing strategies for success. I want to help you. Let’s begin! 

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