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Advance your career as a professional organizer with 1+1 coaching and essential business kits from Metropolitan Organizing® LLC and Geralin Thomas.

Just because you’re in business for yourself doesn’t mean you have to be in business by yourself.
Work with an experienced professional organizer who understands what you’re going through. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions for New Organizers

    Essential career info for becoming a professional organizer.

  • 1+1 Career Coaching for Professional Organizers

    60-Minute Ask-Me-Anything Sessions.

  • Professional Toolkits for New and Established Organizers

    Scale your business with downloadable resources.

Marketing Genius

When I started my professional organizing business, Geralin was invaluable. She helped me with assessments, forms, contracts, marketing, speaking presentations, and specialty clients. Geralin is a marketing genius! She gave me countless ideas and helped me focus my time and resources. I always recommend Geralin to other organizers. She’s funny, sweet, encouraging and personable.

Autumn Leopold

Professional Organizer, Geralin Thomas

My name is Geralin Thomas. I’m the face behind Metropolitan Organizing® and my passion is coaching professional organizers. Over the years, I helped thousands of professional organizers plan-launch-grow-niche successful businesses. In addition, I’ve created a variety of essential business kits to streamline the entrepreneurial journey.

If you’re a person who likes details, you are welcome to read more about me as well as the kind testimonials that event planners, TV producers, brand representatives, clients, and colleagues have shared.

Everyone, including journalists, podcast hosts, and brand representatives, is welcome to contact me to request a media kit, industry-related information, interviews, footage, or referrals.


From the moment that I met Geralin, for an on-camera test, I knew that she had 'it' as we say in the industry.

She is not only a wealth of 'how-to-live-your best' knowledge in the organizational world, but it's the way in which she relates to people that makes her magical.

Her smile and demeanor softens some very tough subject matter, as she taught us that how you live is often indicative of some larger personal issues.

Geralin is one part-therapist, one-part best friend and two parts cheerleader – to every person that crosses her path – and that always resonated with me both on and off camera.

Geralin is undoubtedly fantastic at every endeavor she takes on, and leaves nothing but personal change and growth for others in her wake.

Brenna Eckerson, Director of Development for Unscripted Programming
Sundance Channel