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You’re in business for yourself, but that doesn’t mean you have to be in business by yourself! 

If you’re wondering how to start a career as a professional organizer, begin by reading the FAQs for Pro Organizers page because that’s where you’ll find detailed answers to the questions new organizers ask. My 1+1 Career Coaching Calls for professional organizers are perfect for those looking for clarity, confidence, consistency, and connection. Each session is strategic and straightforward.

With 20+ years in the trenches as a professional organizer, on-air talent, international trainer/instructor, author of decluttering/hoarding books (translated into 13 languages), and paid speaker, I’ve experienced plenty of twists and turns in my career and that’s what inspired me to create an entire collection of essential business forms (“kits”). The kits contain templates, forms, checklists, and loads of goodies that will spare you the hassle of creating your own.

What you don’t know can hurt you – and your brand! Learn the lingo of the organizing industry and communicate clearly and accurately. The Terms of the Trade Glossary is required reading for every organizer in North America.

Geralin Thomas, Coaching and Business Resources for Professional Organizers

I will help you and your team to streamline your processes. I’m a business resource for professional organizers as well as the person behind Metropolitan Organizing, LLC. For over 20 years, I helped thousands of professional organizers and their teams plan, launch, grow, and niche successful businesses. In addition, I’ve created essential business kits to help organize and optimize the entrepreneurial journey.

If you’re a detail person, read more about me, including the lovely testimonials that event planners, TV producers, brand representatives, professional organizer clients, and colleagues have generously shared.

Journalists, podcast hosts, and brand representatives are welcome to contact me to request: media kits, industry-related information, interview footage, or referrals, while professional organizers can contact me for a free 15-minute no-obligation consultation call.

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Geralin is one part therapist, one part best friend, and two parts cheerleader!

From the moment I met Geralin for an on-camera test, I knew she had ‘it,’ as we say in the industry. She is not only a wealth of ‘how-to-live-your best’ knowledge in the organizational world, but the way she relates to people makes her magical. Her smile and demeanor soften some very tough subject matter, as she taught us that how you live is often indicative of some larger personal issues. Geralin is one part therapist, one part best friend, and two parts cheerleader – to every person who crosses her path – and that always resonated with me on and off camera. Geralin is undoubtedly fantastic at every endeavor she takes on and leaves nothing but personal change and growth for others in her wake.
~ Brenna Eckerson, Director of Development for Unscripted Programming, Sundance Channel