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Geralin Thomas shares her Top 10 Tips Become a Professional Organizer and Start a Professional Organizing Business

How to Become a Professional Organizer

A warm welcome if you’re here because you’ve decided to start a new business as a professional organizer!  Many of you joined me on last night’s call with questions on how to become a professional organizer and how to start your professional organizing business.

While being productive, efficient, and organized is easy for you, the business of starting an organizing business isn’t.  Most professional organizers have never owned a business before and many feel completely overwhelmed. It’s normal if you find yourself wondering what to do first.

Does this sound familiar?  If so, keep reading.


Top 10 Tips Become a Professional Organizer  Start Professional Organizing Business


Below is a list of  ten tips; ten, small, concrete action-items for you to implement and start building your new professional organizing business. I’d like to help you create a sustainable, healthy organizing business based on how the real world of professional organizing works – not how others wish it worked.

BTW, I’m  currently working on a few more lists because new organizers, just like you, have sent questions, left comments and detailed voicemails asking for specific information.   Each, “How To Become a Professional Organizer”  blog post is created  with you in mind.

Your feedback inspires me so I encourage you to let me know what information is most helpful and relevant to you in the comments section. And if you’d like to Ask me Anything! sign up for my newsletter to receive the latest information on calls, training and products designed specifically for professional organizers.

 Tips to Become a Professional Organizer & Start Your Organizing Business

  • Decide on a legal structure for your business
  • Select a name for your business
  • Purchase a web address
  • Create a bank account for your business
  • Apply for a credit card that will be used for your business
  • Obtain business insurance
  • Obtain a business license and reseller’s license (if required)
  • Obtain an EIN number (free at IRS.gov)
  • Write a brief business plan
  • Decide on an appropriate budget to invest in your business based on research and your specific goals



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    1. I have been working as a professional organizer for 11 years and last year decided to Be My Own Boss… it has been great and this business is still fairly untapped throughout the USA… just don’t setup in my area… tee hee.

      • Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! Your website is great looking and I really enjoyed Jackie O’s profile on there! (Filed Under: Ridiculously Cute!) So, I’m curious, what is your advice for anyone starting out and setting up a brand new organizing business?

    2. Great information. I would also add to learn basic business etiquette. If you reach out to another PO for advice, say thank you! See other PO’s as potential partners or resources instead of just competition!