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Are you a professional organizer wondering how to work as or work with subcontractors? Subcontractors, also known as, “Independent Contractors” (ICs) can be a key component of expanding/scaling/growing your professional organizing business. Hiring a team of ICs will allow you to take on more clients and tackle more ambitious organizing projects. Use the tips below to assemble an organizing team that will work collaboratively and help increase your bottom line.

Assemble Your Team

Search For Independent Contractors

Cast a wide net and review potential candidates. Pare down the list and interview each potential candidate to assemble the best team for your particular project. Gather information about their education and experience:

  • How long has she been organizing?
  • Does she hold any certifications or specialized training?
  • Is there a particular type of project (or client) she prefers to work with?

As you interview professional organizing candidates, gather in-depth information about their needs and abilities. This will help you balance your team and better plan for upcoming projects.

Once you’ve selected ICs, send acceptance letters. And, be polite; send “thanks-but-no-thanks letters to the others.

Create A Written Contract

The contract doesn’t need to be complex. Instead, create a contract that is straightforward and simple to understand. Clearly state your expectations. Here are a few things to include in your written agreement:

  • Work: Describe the type and scope of work to be completed.
  • Payment: Specify whether payment will be per hour or per project.
  • Expenses: State which expenses (transportation, supplies, etc.) the IC will be responsible for.
  • Payment schedule: Include terms of payment;when will ICs be paid.

Communicate + Manage

Create A Contact List

Gather the contact information for each IC and create a printable worksheet. Keep the sheet with you at all times so you’ll be able to easily contact ICs before, during or after projects.

Hold A Team Conference Call

Organize a conference call to speak with your entire team of newly hired ICs. Reiterate your expectations and communicate project details such as team logistics, client needs and organizers’ suggested supplies.

Prior to the conference call, send your ICs the project details in writing. This will allow them time to review it before the call and take notes. The better prepared your team is, the more professional and organized they will appear to the client.

Avoid Miscommunications

Following the team conference call, send a quick summary of what was discussed. This will help avoid misunderstandings and confusion on the day of the project. Send a reminder to each team member the day before the project with details, directions and your contact information.

Create A Property Handling Form

When working with a large team of ICs, it’s important to be clear about which items can be donated or discarded. Create a checklist of items your client is comfortable parting with and have the client sign it. Post the checklist around the job site so your ICs will be able to quickly reference it.

Address Problems Immediately

Identify and correct problems before they cause large setbacks. Have a quick wrap-up meeting at the end of big projects. Discuss what went well and what can be improved next time. If you need to have a private conversation with an IC about their performance, do so within a few days.

Team Management Essentials

It may seem daunting to scale your professional organizing business but some jobs are too big for one person. Perhaps you’ve had to turn away business because you couldn’t make a deadline. Building a team and hiring ICs is the quickest way to expand your client base, take more jobs and increase your income.

Grow Your Professional Organizing Business with the Best Team.

TME + Ask Me Anything: Business Forms and Coaching Call

Get the team building forms and checklists in Team Management Essentials package and a 1-hour coaching call with Geralin to answer any specific questions you have about assembling a group of independant contractors.

For me, the results have been amazing! The best part was working in the company of other like-minded professionals. If you think you’re interested in hiring ICs I’ve created the perfect product to help you assemble a team. The Team Management Essentials (TME) kit includes:

  • Communication templates for hiring your team
  • An IC screening form
  • Printable team and vendor contact worksheets
  • Instructions to clearly communicate project logistics
  • Team checklists and best practices
  • A sample conference call summary
  • Client approval forms

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