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collection of pens, markers, paper and other office items

Don’t take my word for it; I asked some of the most successful, well-respected, best-of-the-best professional organizers (organisers, with an “s” for those of you in the UK or down-under) and experts in their particular fields to name three of their most trusted, must-have, very favorite organizing tools and I’ve collected and posted their responses below.


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Professional Organizers Favorite Organizing Tools Geralin Thomas


One quick tip, before I begin — If you want several free, exceedingly detailed, and comprehensive lists, please consider enrolling in two classes I teach for the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) PO-001 and PO-104. Both classes are offered in live teleclass format (call-in, from your own phone) as well as on-demand (learn when it is convenient for you). PO-104 is designed for new and prospective professional organizers or organizers who may have missed some of the basics on how to start an organizing business.  These NAPO classes deliver a lot of bang for the buck: anecdotes, tips, techniques and suggestions for launching and growing your organizing business and, it includes several toolkits.

Below are tools,  that according to my successful organizing colleagues, are their very favorites.  It’s no surprise that most of these organizers prefer the most simple,  basic tools to help their clients get organized.


Professional Organizers Favorite Organizing Tools Geralin Thomas

Many thanks to my wonderfully generous colleagues for sharing their favorite organizing tools. Please explore their websites and blogs:

Shop for organizing tools in these stores:

  • Walmart
  • Uline
  • Target
  • The Container Store
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Office Depot
  • Stack and Stacks
  • Ultimate Office

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    Reader Interactions


    1. 1. Clear plastic shoe boxes
      2. IKEA skubb drawer organizers – also amazing for packing
      3. Flocked hangers – get more in that closet and have nothing fall off the hanger

      My dream is that one day Pliio clothing filers will be on organizers must have lists for closets.

    2. 1. Check lists i.e. beach, overseas travel, mountains, etc.
      2. Nitrile coated garden-like gloves
      3. Tape measure…(sure that bookcase will fit there!)

      • Rachel,
        Those supplies are absolute “must haves” when working in a home where someone has a hoarding disorder; I agree 100%. It IS really fun to snoop around everyone’s tool kit, isn’t it? I’m labeling you – -> my “Mrs. Kravitz” doppelganger!

    3. I love that Kit includes her car – she is ever practical! I also can’t believe no one said Sharpie! You can label any surface with them and they come in so handy when people want an autograph. 🙂

    4. Since so many of us are Solopreneurs, we rarely get to peek in each others tool kits. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Smartphone = planner, timer, etc
      2. Post-Its
      3. File box/hanging files

      My top 10 is rounded out on everyone else’s lists.

    5. It’s hard to pick just three, but here goes:

      1. 3-ring binders and page protectors–I love using these for storing and organizing recipes, stuff torn out of magazines, and other bits and pieces of info. The page protectors are great for corralling odd-size papers.

      2. My Vital Records PortaVault–Every bit of my household’s crucial info, from birth certificates to insurance policies to important contracts, goes in this 3-ring binder-based system. (Do you sense a trend here?! ) It makes it beyond easy to find this stuff when I need it, and if I ever need to leave the house in an emergency, I can grab the binder and take it with me.

      3. Straight-cut file folders–Setting up a filing system with one simple kind of folder ensures that you never have to redo the way all of your tabs are staggered when you add a new folder, and it makes file drawers look neater and less overwhelming.

      If I were cheating, I’d also add a fourth thing: clear glass jars to store all sorts of bulk foods in the kitchen. But of course I wouldn’t cheat. 🙂

    6. My favs:
      1. Collapsible leaf bag stand to hold 32 gallon garbage bags (available at Lowes)
      2. For pilers: Poly Project Pockets (or file pockets) from Staples
      3. For unpacking jobs: sliders and monkey hooks (for hanging pictures)

    7. For me there are three essential items:

      1. Plastic zipper bags
      2. Label maker
      3. Hook and loop fasteners (you know the brand with the V, I just don´t want to make an ad from this)

      Any organization job runs so much smooth with those.

      I´ll took some of the ideas here for myself 🙂

    8. Fun to read post Geralin. I guess I’m old school, but my favorite organizing tool of all time is the Chisel Point Professional Sharpie. On the tech side, my iPad is the organizing tool I can’t live with out.

    9. Wow! Learned a lot from this post–love the ‘mesh laundry bags for packing’ idea.

      My three favorite organizing tools are:

      1. Labelmaker
      2. Post-its
      3. Evernote app (which has replaced most of my beloved post-its)

      Thanks for gathering so many great ideas in one place!

      • Thanks Stacey.
        I’m convinced that Post-its will never be replaced; “Stronger than Evernote” should be their slogan. LOL

      • Melanie,
        It makes me crazy happy you mentioned lawn and leaf bags; I use those around my own home for a zillion different reasons.
        Great minds think alike, right? HA!

    10. Geralin this is a great post. There are so many fabulous organizing products on the market (many mentioned above) but my 3 favorites are my Smart Phone, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft OneNote. These products help me manage my schedule and organize projects and information in an efficient and simple to use electronic system.

      • Dhawn,
        I really appreciate your answers as they will be helpful for those who are coming to this post hoping to get a few business related tips. Not all organizers are out there organizing residential spaces. Thanks!

    11. My favorite tools are painter’s tape, sharpies, and various-colored large bags for recycling (blue); donating (clear); trash (black). And my smart phone, computer and 31 Bags that carry all my tools and such!

    12. Fabulous post. So much fun to see what all of our colleagues find as their essential organizing tools. Looks like the label maker is the big winner all around. No surprise there. Thanks so much for including me in this awesome list with all my organizing pals.

      • Thank you for participating LInda. Having all of these answers in once place is *almost* as good as poking through everyone’s toolkits. I agree about the label maker – we all love our label makers don’t we?

      • Julie, I’d say my a few of favorites are: binder clips, poly envelopes, tie wraps, bins for the fridge, and my shredder.