Pantry Organizing Tips for a Perfect Pantry

A Perfect Pantry Starts with Geralin’s Pantry Organizing Tips

“What are your best pantry organizing tips?” “Where do I start organizing the pantry?” Or, “How do I go about organizing a perfect pantry?”

Those are questions I’m asked over and over again by clients and fans of the TV show, Hoarders who know I love organizing both the fridge and the pantry.

If you’ve seen me on TV, you know that my answers vary depending on the circumstances, but, I think for most people, with or without organizing challenges, the fridge and the pantry are both good excellent starting points for decluttering.  Neither the fridge nor the pantry is too large and the “stuff” inside can easily be put into specific categories. Plus, all the keep-or-toss decisions are determined by expiration date which streamlines the process.  In short, this means organizing is much less stressful.
The pantry is also one of the easiest, quickest ways to get your family organized, save money, save time, and frees-up valuable real estate space or shelving. 
Below you’ll find a few tips for getting your pantry organized.


Professional Organizer Raleigh Cary NC Geralin Thomas Pantry Organizing Tips

Set Yourself Up for Success

1. Before you begin gather a few Hefty trash bags; this will minimize steps to and from the trash.

2. Make sure your lighting is excellent; install a stick-on light if necessary.


Professional Organizer Raleigh Cary NC Geralin Thomas Pantry Organizing Tips


Begin by discarding rotten, stale, spoiled, and expired items into the trash.

  • Wash and dry the shelves and walls.
  • Use glass or sturdy plastic containers with tight fitting lids to hold dry goods and remember square containers take up less space and fit better on shelves.
  • Group like items together just like the grocery store does it:  breakfast items, snacks, baking goods, etc.
  • Whether your home is sleek and sophisticated or warm and traditional, there are many options for containers, which will make your pantry more visually appealing to look at as well as organized.
  • The back of the door is the perfect spot to hang a lightweight shelf for spices; don’t let the vertical space (behind the door) go to waste.
  • Have a basket that your children can reach; stock it with kid-friendly snacks. Examples include: applesauce cups, pudding, fruit chews, pretzels, and fresh fruit.
  • Restock your pantry with only the most commonly used items such as: Canned Goods, Baking Supplies, and Pasta.


Professional Organizer Raleigh Cary NC Geralin Thomas Pantry Organizing Tips


Last but not least, I’m providing a list of helpful places to shop for pantry-related organizing products:

I hope these pantry organizing tips inspire you to freshen all the ingredients in your own pantry and get organized. Now, tell me, how do you organize your pantry?  As always, questions and comments are encouraged.