Christmas Message – Geralin Thomas

Merry Christmas!


Stuffing Christmas stockings is one of my very favorite holiday traditions but as a girl my favorite part of Christmas morning was going through all the goodies in my stocking.  Now, I enjoy watching my sons go through theirs.  I put in a few things in to make them laugh and a few things to dazzle them but the truth is, I enjoy every single, “oh” and “ah” – it warms my heart.


On the other hand, is my husband’s stocking – – it’s a joke!  Each year I fill his stocking with things for me.  In year’s past, he has received exfoliating lotions and potions, perfume, cooking utensils, scented soy candles and one year, while redecorating our bathrooms, he received monogrammed hand towels and a really pretty soap dispenser—things that he couldn’t care less about.    It’s a tradition that brings a lot of giggles to our family.  We save his stocking for last so that we can savor his humorous comments.



Christmas Geralin Thomas Professional Organizer Training Raleigh Cary


To save time and keep things organized, I shop all year for stocking stuffers and have a “stashing” system that might be helpful for you.  I recycle sturdy shopping bags with strong handles and hang them in the back of the closet in our guest room.  I label each bag with the person’s name and keep adding to it throughout the year.  By the time it’s Christmas Eve I am ready to transfer the contents of each person’s bag into their stocking.   If you don’t have a guest room, there’s always the veggie drawer of your fridge. I’m not sure about yours but my boys never open that one.  <LOL>  Please comment and let me know what your favorite holiday tradition is.  A very Merry Christmas to all!


Christmas Geralin Thomas Raleigh Cary Professional Organizer Training



Sending you my sincerest wishes for safety, peace, health, joy and, a very Merry Christmas!

Feel free to leave comments and let me know how you plan to spend the day. As I write this, where I am, (Raleigh NC)  is experiencing overcast skies and 48 degrees.  Perfect conditions to continue cooking, wrapping gifts, and visiting friends and family who are continually dropping in. I just freshened up the magnolia leaves on my mantel (as seen here)  So, that means I’m officially ready for Santa to drop in.  Cheers!