Feng Shui Your Closet Makeover


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From a Feng Shui perspective, a closet is a place that holds intention, energy and beauty as you choose outfits each day to enhance your life-force and help you manifest your wishes. So, your closet should be as GORGEOUS as possible full of happy, beautiful and shimmering chi. Here are some ideas to get you going!








Step #1: Before You Begin:

  • Wear some happy colored clothes like pink, yellow or red
  • Turn on all the lights
  • Open the window for fresh air
  • Put on some uplifting, happy music that makes you want to dance
  • Light some incense or spritz some essential oils


Step #2: Declutter

  • First, take everything-EVERYTHING!!!-out of your closet!
  • De-clutter any clothes that you no longer love; are out-dated; hold sad or negative memories for you; are stained or torn; or no longer fit.
  • Ask yourself: “Do I LOVE this? Do I NEED this? Do I WEAR this?” If the answer is no, let it go.
  • Remove any toxic plastic dry cleaning bags.
  • De-clutter anything else.
  • Remember, SPACE between clothes is a most-wonderful thing!


Step #3: Deep Clean

  • Then, deep-clean the walls and shelves with fragrant and uplifting aromatherapy cleaners (I love Mrs. Meyer’s basil and lemon verbena scents).
  • Wash the floors or vacuum. If you have carpeting, it’s ideal to steam clean.


Step #4: Clear the Energy

  • Ring bells, a singing bowl or tingshaws to break up any stagnant energy.
  • Next, safely burn high-grade sandalwood or juniper incense orchen pi (dried Mandarin peel) to clear away the old, tired and stagnant energies, visualizing it going out the open window.
  • Now, take a pure high-grade essential oil (ideally sweet orange or kaffir lime) and either sprinkle directly onto the carpet OR onto cotton balls that you tuck away in the closet OR onto an electric plug-in diffuser (if you have an outlet in your closet), OR in a glass diffuser with reeds.


Step #5: Organize

  • Install closet systems that will help your space stay clutter-free (Target, Ikea, The Container Store, Storables etc.).
  • Use the exact same kind of hanger for all of your clothes such as wooden or the thin velvet covered ones. My first choice is wood as it’s a natural element but if you have a lot of clothes and not so much space, the velvet ones come in very handy.
  • Clear plastic shoe boxes are great for being able to get a visual on what’s inside.
  • Use beautiful vessels (such as lacquered trays, statues, unique bowls, etc.) to display your jewelry and scarves. For example, I use Japanese lacquerware for my jewelry and a bamboo ladder for my scarves since my closet has a very Japanese vibe.
  • Arrange your clothing by like colors (all the red together, all the white together and so on) which will make it easier to dress by the Chinese Five Elements.


Want some Feng Shui inspiration? Visit Gwynne Warner’s Pinterest boards! @www.pinterest.com/gwynnewarner