3 Simple Strategies for Organizing Your Wardrobe

Printable Outfit Planner | Wardrobe Wisdom Worksheets | Metropolitan Organizing®

Printable Outfit Planner | Wardrobe Wisdom Worksheet - Female| Metropolitan Organizing®

Printable Outfit Planner | Wardrobe Wisdom Worksheet - Male| Metropolitan Organizing®

[Click above to download/print your very own free Wardrobe Planners also known as,”Wardrobe Wisdom Worksheets”] Now, onto the post . . . You mastered the art of dressing yourself by the time you were in kindergarten. So why does it feel like such a chore when looking at your wardrobe and deciding what to wear every day?  Organizing a wardrobe has it’s challenges.

Sometimes, a disorganized closet may be the obstacle. Excess clothing or accessories that poorly fit your body or personal style can obscure the view of your sartorial potential. However, even after you jettison everything that doesn’t serve your needs, you may still feel uninspired.

That’s because organizing your wardrobe involves much more than organizing your closet. Elsewhere in your home, kitchens, pantries, and garages are organized mainly by function. Developing and organizing a wardrobe, however, needs to meet more than just functional principles. It presents unique challenges based on tastes as well as practicalities.

Your clothing comes in a wide variety of colors, weights, fabrics, patterns and styles. To further complicate matters, you need to account for the weather, the formality and purpose of an occasion, as well as your personal mood, in order to build an outfit. With so many complex options, it’s not surprising that people can use a little help deciding what goes with what.

So I’ve developed some strategies and tools to help you refine the elements of a more unified wardrobe, one that really presents you to the world the way you wish to be seen.

1) Start with an organized closet, devoid of anything that fails to fit or flatter.

2) Next, select a special piece, like a favorite pair of pants or trendy top, or a special pair of shoes, and add other garments and accessories until you’ve created a complete outfit you’d be thrilled to wear.  If you’re eagerly anticipating getting to wear the outfit, you’ve got a winner.

3) Use the Male Wardrobe Wisdom Worksheet and Female Wardrobe Wisdom Worksheet that I’ve designed to note each outfit’s relevant details, so nothing is forgotten.

As you use these Wardrobe Wisdom Worksheets, give yourself permission to make interesting matches and pair together items you might not have previously considered.

Constructing a cohesive look on paper gives you ideal “go to” outfits, streamlining preparations for business trips, vacations, and the changing of the seasons. You’re covered for everything from special-occasion dressing to getting yourself together before the coffee has kicked in.

When you find yourself thinking you have nothing to wear, the Wardrobe Wisdom Worksheets are the perfect tool to grab and get you out the door in no time; you’ll feel confident and look fantastic! Plus, they are great for planning outfits for conferences, travel or whatever.


  1. Jayna Gerber says

    Thanks so much for the organizing worksheets! I love your strategies for organizing and I love seeing you on Hoarders.
    I will definitely be using these to plan my wardrobe. Thanks again Geralin!

    • says

      Yea! Hearing nice comments, like yours, makes me want to keep on creating free handouts so keep the comments coming and let me know what would be useful and most wanted! Thanks for watching Hoarders – it’s airing on Lifetime TV now (it was airing on A & E TV)

  2. says

    As a season wears on, I usually find myself running in an ever-smaller circle, relying on the same 3 outfits because I’ve forgotten about everything else. This form is so helpful! When I hit on a great outfit, I can just jot down the details so I’ll remember what worked. Copies of this form are already on a clip board in my closet. This weekend I might take some time to write down any outfits that I remember from last year. Then as the colder weather approaches, I can add to the list any new outfits I invent or remember. Easy-peasy! Thanks, Geralin!

    • Geralin says

      Margaret, if it makes you feel any better, you aren’t alone. The reason I created these wardrobe worksheets is because I hear exactly what you’re saying over and over again from clients. Many of them start referring to the favorite outfits as, “uniforms”

      I have no problem wearing and re-wearing the same garments season after season – but – I think it’s interesting to mix pieces up and rotate garments and accessories.

      Here are a few “Tiny Tips” for you:
      1. Get into your closet and create outfits before their needed
      2. Force yourself to buy a few tops with prints; an interesting pattern will transform a suit.
      3. Use the pages to create ensembles that enhance your best features: buff arm outfits, shapely legs outfits, small waist outfits; this encourages you to think about using your garments in a different way.

      I’m happy you like the forms! More goodies in the future so check back.