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Create A Timeless Wardrobe With Closet Capsules For Every Occasion

What’s A Closet Capsule?

Closet capsules eliminate the “I have nothing to wear” syndrome so many of us struggle with as we stare at a closet full of clothes. Your capsules group items together based on the occasion. Rather than wade through all your pants, skirts, shirts and jackets, you can go straight to your “business capsule” and select your favorite outfit.

Organizing By Occasion

To make the most of your wardrobe, pair seasonal items with classic pieces that will never go out of style. Mix ’n match items will help you coordinate your closet capsules and create versatility. You can get started by scheduling a weekend to review your current wardrobe, donate or throw away items you no longer want and create your closet capsules. I recommend grouping your wardrobe into 4 capsules:

  1. Everyday
  2. Business
  3. Workout
  4. Special occasion

Download My Capsule Wardrobe Planning Worksheets

As you build your capsules, capture and note each outfit’s relevant details using my printable Capsule Wardrobe Planning Worksheets – also known as Wardrobe Wisdom Capsule Planners.

Start With The Basics

Make sure to keep the items you love and donate the pieces you never wear. As you go through your current wardrobe, ask yourself: Do I love it? Is it comfortable? Is it flattering? Does it fit? The foundation of every wardrobe should include a few basic pieces. Use these classics to build your closet capsules:

  • 2 pairs of dark pants
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 3 skirts
  • 1 white button-down shirt
  • 3 sweaters
  • 2 jackets
  • 3 coats
  • 1 nice dress
  • T-shirts
  • Accessories

Everyday Closet Capsule

This closet capsule should be made up of items for casual, everyday wear. It holds the T-shirt and jeans you’d go grocery shopping in and the casual dress you’d wear for Saturday brunch.

Mix brightly colored items with neutral tones to create a versatile everyday wardrobe from just a few items. A blazer or trench coat, paired with dark pants and some carefully selected accessories, can elevate a casual outfit for semi-formal gatherings. This list of basics is a good place to start:

  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 1 pair of dark pants
  • 3 skirts
  • 5 shirts
  • 1 casual dress
  • 2 light sweaters
  • 1 blazer or coat

Business Closet Capsule

Your closet capsule for business should include your work attire, suits and business casual outfits. How formal your business capsule is depends on your style, industry and workplace. In your closet, group suits together so you can quickly select one. Then hang blouses and other items by color. Sweaters should be folded neatly on shelves to maintain their shape.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look professional. Instead, invest in timeless, classic pieces that pair well together. Here’s a basic list of items to include in your business capsule:

  • 3 dark suits
  • 3 neutral skirts
  • 2 pairs of dress pants
  • 1 pair of nice khakis
  • 2 button down shirts
  • 5 blouses
  • 3 sweaters
  • 2 dresses
  • 2 colorful blazers
  • 1 trench coat

Workout Closet Capsule

Dedicate a portion of your closet or a drawer in your dresser to hold all your workout clothes. What you choose to include is a personal decision based on your activity level and comfort. Here are a few workout essentials to consider:

  • 4 pairs of yoga pants
  • 3 pairs of shorts
  • 5 T-shirts
  • 2 tanks
  • 1 sweatshirt
  • 1 athletic jacket

Special Occasion Closet Capsule

This closet capsule should include the clothing you reserve for special occasions like weddings, parties and going to the theater. How many items you include in your special occasion capsule will depend on how frequently you attend formal events. Use this list of items to start building your capsule:

  • 1 little black dress
  • 2 cocktail dresses
  • 2 skirts
  • 2 blouses
  • 1 full-length gown
  • 1 formal coat

The specific items you include and how you form your closet capsules is entirely up to you. The pieces included in your capsules should suit your lifestyle and personality. Have fun, coordinate and make the most of your current wardrobe.

As for shoes and accessories, some people prefer to designate items for a particular closet capsule while others like to be able to wear their favorite pieces with any outfit. Review your shoe and jewelry collection before you decide which option is best for you.

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