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You mastered the art of dressing yourself by the time you were in kindergarten. So why does wardrobe planning every day feel like such a chore?

Sometimes, a disorganized closet may be the obstacle. Excess clothing or accessories that poorly fit your body or personal style can obscure the view of your sartorial potential. However, even after you jettison everything that doesn’t serve your needs, you may still feel uninspired.

That’s because organizing your wardrobe involves much more than organizing your closet. Elsewhere in your home, kitchens, pantries, and garages are organized mainly by function.

Developing and organizing a wardrobe, however, needs to meet more than just functional principles. It presents unique challenges based on tastes as well as practicalities.

Achieve Flawless Style with Capsule Wardrobe Planning Tools

Your clothing comes in a wide variety of colors, weights, fabrics, patterns and styles. To further complicate matters, you need to account for the weather, the formality and purpose of an occasion, as well as your personal mood, in order to build an outfit.

With so many complex options, it’s not surprising that people can use a little help deciding what goes with what. So I’ve developed some strategies and tools to help you refine the elements of a more unified wardrobe, one that really presents you to the world the way you wish to be seen.

1) Start with an organized closet, devoid of anything that fails to fit or flatter.

2) Next, select a special piece, like a favorite pair of pants or top, or a special pair of shoes, and add other garments and accessories until you’ve created a complete outfit you’d be thrilled to wear.  If you’re eagerly anticipating getting to wear the outfit, you’ve got a winner.

3) Use the Capsule Wardrobe Planning Worksheets – either the  Male Wardrobe Wisdom Worksheet or Female Wardrobe Wisdom Worksheet that I’ve designed to capture and note each outfit’s relevant details.

As you use these Wardrobe Wisdom Worksheets, give yourself permission to make interesting matches and pair together items you might not have previously considered. Also, check out the following podcasts that I created with Smead Organomics:

My Pinterest board mentioned in the podcast Clothing Capsules – How To, and my Color Analysis board will give you more guidance when deciding which wardrobe pieces to wear together.

For more advanced tips, such as how to correctly take your measurements, how to dress appropriately for your specific body size and type, how to identify the best pieces for your capsule wardrobe, and how to know when to splurge and when to save when making clothing purchases – check out my Wardrobe Wisdom Workbook for Women.

Having difficulty creating flawless style on your own? Book a one-on-one Wardrobe and Closet Coaching Call with me. I can help you create and accessorize great outfits that are perfect for you. And it’s fun – just like shopping with a friend!

Planning a cohesive look with these essential wardrobe tools gives you ideal “go to” outfits – streamlining preparations for business trips, vacations, and the changing of the seasons. You’re covered for everything from special-occasion dressing to getting yourself together before the coffee has kicked in. With my Capsule Wardrobe Planning Worksheets and Wardrobe Wisdom Workbook you’ll feel confident and look fantastic!

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