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Military Family Organizing

Practice Makes Perfect!

How I Met Today’s Guest Blogger:

Jacki and I have both been longtime, faithful readers of Unclutterer, an amazing organizing blog. Unclutterer is the type of blog where I read not only the posts, but the comments, too, because they are often clever, insightful, helpful, and downright entertaining.

As I scoured the Unclutterer comments section, I couldn’t help noticing that occasionally there were some that particularly resonated with me. Not only were they funny, astute and informative, but the name associated with the comments was one of those way-too-good-to-be-true names. The first time I stumbled across Jacki Hollywood Brown’s name, I wondered if she was from MTV (like Downtown Julie Brown) or some type of stay-up-all-night, party-like-a-rock-star, crazy person using a fake name (like celebrities do when checking into hotels).


Eventually, I was overcome by curiosity and typed Jacki Hollywood Brown’s name into Google and what, before my eyes, appeared?  A person in Canada with photos, a website and a legit organizing business. Now, I was intrigued. I start reading and thought, “Whaaat? That’s her real name? Really?!”

Fast-Forward 2.0:
Jackie and I connected on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and finally, in-person at a NAPO conference where she discreetly handed me a few Nestle Coffee Crisp candy bars. The whole thing was very furtive, very Breaking Bad. (In case you aren’t in the loop, you can’t get Coffee Crisp in the United States.)

At this point, I’m convinced she and I will have a deep and meaningful relationship. I mean who else, besides therapist Mark Pfeffer, and organizers Helena Alkhas and Margaret Lukens, hand-deliver lovely, decadent chocolates with an “I’ve got the goods” grin when they see me? Jacki Hollywood Brown, that’s who!



Military Family Organizing

Jacki Hollywood Brown has an M.Sc. in Food Chemistry and has been a member of the Board of Directors of Professional Organizers in Canada since 2006. She currently lives in Trenton, Ontario, Canada where she operates her organizing business while being a full time army wife and mother of two busy teens. Visit her website: http://www.j-organize.ca/

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    1. I love, love, love these ideas! I think they are good strategies even if you don’t move often. But then if everybody was as smart, nobody would need us POs.

    2. Hey Margaret,
      Those cases are made by Stanley and I LOVE them!! The first one I got was a birthday present from my husband. They come in a deeper size too so that you can store bigger stuff like coat hooks & things. We dropped one down a flight of stairs once and it didn’t open. I wouldn’t recommend doing that though.

    3. Geralin, sweets for the sweet! It’s fun sharing my favorite chocolates with you: Recchiutti (ahhh! the GOOD stuff) and See’s (the other good stuff!) from San Francisco, Lulu’s macadamia rocky road from Monterey – sublime!

      I love those cases that Jacki uses for small bits of hardware. Those tight-fitting lids that keep things in place sound perfect for tools that are likely to get tossed around a bit, in a move or just on a busy household. Thanks to you both for such an informative video.