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Here's where you'll find all the career coaching and business forms for professional organizers.

Career Coaching + Business Forms

Geralin Thomas provides career coaching and business forms for professional organizers worldwide. Discussing smart strategies and building confidence to make sure you succeed in your professional organizing business.

Geralin Thomas | Metropolitan Organizing, LLC® | Professional Organizer, Author, Coach

Running a professional organizing business has unique challenges.

I’ve helped hundreds of professional organizers—at various stages of their career—reach their goals and build sustainable organizing businesses. I can help you too.


Are you curious about the professional organizing industry? Do you need some help starting your own organizing business? Are you looking for a bit of clarity about how to grow your organizing business? Do you need some insights on your next steps?

Takes the Guess Work Out of It

I would sometimes find myself wrapping up with a potential client and wonder, did I leave anything out? Geralin takes the guess work out of what to include in a client intake form which allows me to focus on the client. Thank you Geralin!!

Beth Zeigler

New Organizers’ Essentials: Business Forms and Checklist

Project confidence and effectively manage the legal, business, branding, and client-relationship aspects of your organizing services. Use this comprehensive collection of professional organizers’ business tools.

Start a Professional Organizing Business Like a Pro

NOE + Ask Me Anything: Business Forms and Coaching Call

Get the comprehensive collection of forms and checklists in New Organizers’ Essentials package and a 1-hour coaching call with Geralin to answer any specific questions you have about starting your organizing business.

Stuck Without You

Your upbeat and informational classes have been wonderful. My website is up, I’ve designed my cards and stationery, joined my local chapter, and I’m scheduled to give a seminar at a local organization store.

Wow! I think I’d still be stuck if it weren’t for you!

Lasar McCabe

Team Management Essentials: Business Forms and Checklist

Assemble the best people for your organizing projects with business forms designed to manage any team with confidence.

Grow Your Professional Organizing Business with the Best Team.

TME + Ask Me Anything: Business Forms and Coaching Call

Get the team building forms and checklists in Team Management Essentials package and a 1-hour coaching call with Geralin to answer any specific questions you have about assembling a group of independant contractors.

Upbeat, Engaging and Encouraging

It wasn’t until I was 61 years old that I decided to reinvent myself and become a professional organizer. A few months after I opened my organizing business, I set out to learn everything I could about the industry.

I took Geralin’s NAPO 104 class, Starting an Organizing Business. Geralin was upbeat, engaging and encouraging — even humorous. Early on, I struggled with confidence, especially about what to charge. As I’ve grown my business, Geralin has been my biggest cheerleader. She encouraged me to join my local NAPO chapter. Through my involvement, I’ve had opportunities to learn and grow that I never would have if I had stayed in my comfort zone.

Geralin is passionate about helping others develop their potential. She’s a joy to learn from and always makes you feel valued, capable and cared about.

Susan E. Terkanian
AllSET Solutions

1+1 Professional Organizer Coaching: with Geralin Thomas

Helping you reach your potential by understanding your unique business challenges and objectives and providing direct, actionable advice.