Jeri Dansky’s Organizing for Blogging

Jeri Dansky’s Office

Professional Organizers around the globe and shoppers looking for super-cool products to help with the final stages of organization – things they won’t find at Target or The Container Store – are fans of Jeri Dansky’s blog. (It’s one of my “must read” blogs.) “From Lego storage to jewelry mannequins to purse organizers to pegboards, my blog has you covered” says Dansky who is also known for her skills as a researcher, editor and cat lover. I asked her how she gets herself organized to write and research her blog posts, which often feature a number of related products, and she said it’s a multi-step process.

Sarah Dessen Shares Rules for Writing a Novel

Sarah Dessen’s office

I am really excited to introduce my guest blogger for this week, author Sarah Dessen.

Sarah and I met in Italian classes at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. To this day, we fake an Italian accent when we greet one another and yell, “Bella!” (people stare!) Sarah’s dad was my Shakespeare professor and her mom was my academic advisor. (Is this a family of academics or what?)

I’m always curious how one prepares themselves before practicing their craft. Below, she neatly outlines exactly how she goes about organizing herself for writing a novel.

Cleverly Containing Clutter

There’s still time for some good old-fashioned summertime fun, so let’s get together and make a list of wacky home-based clutter hiding spaces. To be more specific, places we hide stuff.

Are you interested?

Here is how it works: Go around your home and look for places you typically hide clutter. Then, post a comment at the end of this article (below). If you don’t have clutter, tell us how your BFF, in-law or clever neighbor hides his/her clutter.

Let’s Get this Party Started