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closet capsules with geralin thomas

Closet Capsules: How To Build The Ultimate Wardrobe

Create A Timeless Wardrobe With Closet Capsules For Every Occasion What’s A Closet Capsule? Closet capsules eliminate the “I have nothing to wear” syndrome so many of us struggle with as we stare at a closet full of clothes. Your capsules group items together based on the occasion. Rather than wade through all your pants, […]

napo conference packing list

What To Pack For A NAPO Conference

NAPO 2015 Conference Packing List NAPO 2015 is an annual conference and organizing expo that brings professional organizers from around the world together. This year it’s going to be held April 15-18 in Los Angeles. If you haven’t reserved your spot yet, do so now. [ For a printable copy of this packing list, click […]

reading room + professional organizing book list

The Ultimate Professional Organizer Recommended Book List

Books Every Professional Organizer Should Read I’ve created the ultimate recommended reading list for professional organizers in every specialty. The topics range from residential organizing to wardrobe organizing to working with those who struggle with hoarding disorder. Some of the books are written by experts in the field, trusted names in professional organizing. Others are […]

important documents and file management

Important Documents + File Management

To prevent a paper pileup on your desk, stay on top of which items need to be filed, shredded or thrown away. Any item with identifying information should be shredded to protect your privacy and avoid identity theft. Be sure to check with your attorney or accountant if you are unsure if something needs to […]