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From Hoarding to Hope

From Hoarding to Hope

Reality TV introduced the topic of hoarding to millions of Americans. Many joke about their “hoarding tendencies,” but few grasp the reality of what it’s like to struggle with hoarding disorder. As a professional organizer, I’ve had the privilege (and sometimes the challenge) of working with clients with hoarding disorder. My hands-on experience has given […]


How To Choose A Shredder For Your Home Office

A Shredder For Every Purpose When it comes to purchasing a shredder, the options are overwhelming. There are literally thousands of shredders to choose from. Here are some tips to narrow your focus and help you decide on the best shredder for your home or office. Determine Usage How many people will be using your […]


How To Work With Subcontractors

Hiring And Managing Subcontractors Subcontractors can be a key component of expanding your professional organizing business. Hiring a team of subcontractors will allow you to take on more clients and tackle large organizing projects. Use the tips below to assemble an organizing team that will work collaboratively. Assemble Your Team Search For Subcontractors Cast a […]

closet capsules with geralin thomas

Closet Capsules: How To Build The Ultimate Wardrobe

Create A Timeless Wardrobe With Closet Capsules For Every Occasion What’s A Closet Capsule? Closet capsules eliminate the “I have nothing to wear” syndrome so many of us struggle with as we stare at a closet full of clothes. Your capsules group items together based on the occasion. Rather than wade through all your pants, […]